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  1. Maybe not a fabulous photo, but this lovely is building it's nest in my front yard...
  2. Taken this afternoon, Warren Co., KY. This is a Brown Creeper, right? When I first saw him, I thought he was a weird looking Carolina Wren...lol He was cruising around my yard. Almost as hard to keep up with as Kinglets! It would be a new yard bird and a lifer if I ID him correctly. Thanks.
  3. @Kevin My husband says it's not snowing in the Piney Woods of NE Texas... I asked for help on a Hermit Thrush ID and now every time I see one, I hear Tony Leukering's response in my head---Early March in the US = Hermit Thrush and March makes me think of Spring!
  4. Yep, they were mixed in with the domestics, mallards, coots and canada's that hang out there
  5. Thanks @Kevin. I've looked thru a thousand pictures and can't find a full match. Lots of "similar to".... Whatever they are, they are striking and stand out in the crowd.
  6. Saw these 2 yesterday, Warren Co, KY. They are larger and darker than female mallards. Hybrids? Domestics? Mottled? Black? Or just mallards and I'm being goofy? Just curious. Thanks
  7. Okay, I'll play. I'm at 54. However, 11 of those are lifers and, well, it is winter here....lol That's all from my yard and a couple runs up to the lake.
  8. learned something new--interesting. He was hanging on the shoreline and we are having decent weather, sunny and relatively warm, so hopefully warmth and preening will square him away.
  9. Must have had a rough night. This poor boy looks like he's been drug through a hedge backwards....
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