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  1. Duck, Duck, HAWK! Had just parked at the lake and heard the Mallards so I walked toward them and took their picture. Took another step and his head popped into view. Took this pic and he was on his way. Not the best pic but, without a doubt the most unexpected
  2. Since we made it above freezing today, I took a trip to the lake. Caught this fly-over. Taken this morning, Warren Co., KY. Are they Greater White-fronted Geese? They would be lifers, but that's not saying much when my life list is shorter than Connor's January list...lol Thanks
  3. Went on a wild Sandhill Crane chase this morning. Thought they were at the park, but I think the e-birder forgot to note they were a flyover....Did get to watch the Mergansers cruising about though. That's a female Ring-necked duck in the males splash.
  4. The lake is mostly frozen but there are spots of open water. This guy decided to just stand in the middle of the big frozen... .
  5. mine is pretty blah following the international crew....lol
  6. Did the google and discovered we have a population of "white morph" eastern gray squirrels here...
  7. I know! The grebe looks like a gosling...That one is cropped, here is the original.
  8. Thanks. 2 lifers then, the Gadwalls and the Mergansers.
  9. @Avery There were 2 Hooded Mergansers there also, but their wing pattern was totally different. It's a goofy shot, but it's the best one of the wing pattern.
  10. I was up at the lake today, at Basil Griffin Park in Bowling Green KY and while walking the shoreline, flushed these two. Are they Gadwalls? Thanks
  11. A friend just sent this to me...made me giggle?
  12. I'm not good at coming up with challenges....I'll send that privilege back to you.
  13. Eastern Towhee/Northern Cardinal....today, in the midst of our 5-7 inches of snow here in Bowling Green, KY
  14. Decided to post one that doesn't come up often...Orchard Oriole
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