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  1. These were taken this afternoon in Bowling Green KY. Best guess is the first might be a female or immature Ruddy Duck and the 2nd/3rd male and female Northern Shovelers. The first two were not being cooperative. lol All lifers if I ID'd the correctly. Thanks.
  2. You've entered the glide path; landing gear down...
  3. @HamRHead There is no way, that I've ever heard of, to re-flatten a skillet. Collectors affectionately call them "spinners". Great camping skillets though. Lots of skillets are ruined by people who don't know what they are doing, tossing them in a fire to clean them--they crack, warp, or exhibit a red hue caused by fire damage. It's a shame because there is an finite supply of the oldies. There are much easier and less damaging ways to strip and clean them.
  4. and Duh again. Didn't even register that he was in water. I'll be quiet now...lol
  5. @Clip That just looks like a Florida Box Turtle to me. Their shell patterns can be pretty varied.
  6. So, I took this excellent picture of a branch and a bird photobombed it...lol What is this? Taken this morning, Bowling Green KY, woods and pastureland. He only sat for a second and then was gone. This is the only pic I was able to get. I really think I should know this but my brain is still a bit scrambled... .
  7. Power/Internet is still down for much of the areas that were affected. Mine only came back up late last night. We also had damage to cell towers and service is thin. They are estimating 8000 power poles will need to be replaced.
  8. I don't know if this is okay to post this and if not, please delete it. But I'm sure that we have quite a few members who were in the path of the insanity this past weekend. I live in Bowling Green, KY. The damage is unbelievable. I got lucky. We are safe and our home is fine. 20 minutes from me there is utter destruction. I know we have friends here on the forum that live in Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri. I pray you are all okay. I survived a direct hit daytime from a hurricane in Florida and it wasn't near as terrifying as knowing tornados were out there in the dark and you had no idea where they were. If you live in the path, give us a like or a note to let us know you're okay. Praying for the families who lost homes and loved ones....
  9. We have a lake here that is home to many domestic waterfowl--ducks and geese--and lots of hybrids. These were taken in the past few days. Any help or schooling would be greatly appreciated. I'm curious about the one with the green head, buff body and blue bill (or do ducks have beaks?) Thanks
  10. Would have been a great shot of a Double-crested cormorant...
  11. Are these Ring-necked Ducks? I was looking for the Hooded Mergansers that were spotted on the lake--no joy, maybe tomorrow....Thanks
  12. #14 Gris....NICE! Looks purty too! I don't have one of those. I do have an eclectic collection of primarily Sidney, "WAGNER", and my everyday pans--Hammered Lodge from the 50s. There are a few Griswolds and others mixed in too.?
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