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  1. Looks decent for Sharp-shinned Hawk, but a difficult ID.
  2. It looks decent for Sharpie, but I don't think this is identifiable with certainty from this photo.
  3. Golden Eagles are bulkier, more substantial. This bird is slender. Beyond that, notice the uniformly dark plumage with white on the face.
  4. Both are House Finches. There is natural variability in this species. Purple finch is overall much richer looking, with a deep raspberry coloration and no large gray streaks on the males.
  5. Your order got a little messed up, but the raptor is a Swanson's Hawk, your thrush a Hermit, and I'm seeing mostly Barn Swallows, though there is one that looks to have a squared tail and is this not a Barn.
  6. As others have alluded to but not explicitly said, this is an Eastern Phoebe.
  7. Snow Geese look like white geese when flying. They're slightly smaller than Canada Geese, generally do tend to fly in flocks similar to your picture, and they sound different, but mostly they're white.
  8. Strong eyebrow, thick beak, thick blurry streaking, that's a Purple Finch.
  9. Purple Finch, Purple Finch, White-throated Sparrow, Common Yellowthroat, White-throated Sparrow, respectively
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