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  1. 17 hours ago, millipede said:

    In case anyone asks... (i'm somewhat of an open book... too much so sometimes) where I've been???
    It's a LONG story but I spent almost a month living in a hotel, going through a separation(or divorce, I'm not even sure) and custody etc... I am in my house and have primary custody of the kids which is awesome... but it still limits the time I have with them so I don't get out birding as much and my time on the internet... well, I'm still on a lot but my computer is "missing" so I'm on a chromebook that I don't like...  and I end up having a LOT of other stuff to do so I have forgotten about this place for a while.
    Another side note...  anyone with reliable transportation want to drive me to the other side of Arkansas to chase the fork-tailed flycatcher that's been there a while now? I have a feeling if I ever drive that far the bird will be gone... it's about 5 or so hours from here.
    phew... long enough for now.
    Let me know what you think about this duck.

    (Mod edit for forum rules violations) I'm sorry.

  2. 1 hour ago, DLecy said:

    This does nothing to separate the species as both are found together in many parts of Arizona. Both also have long bills.

    Obviously not useful to separate against Canyon Wren or Cactus, but Bewick's is generally more a bird of riparian or suburban areas than strictly desert.

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