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  1. Yes! Swamp is rare but regular in the desert southwest
  2. Judging by the tail pattern I might hazard Magnolia Warbler, but it's a young bird and even with a great photo very young birds are tough, let alone with this...
  3. It's been a while since I've seen the eastern 'Red' subspecies but to my eye this immediately jumps out as being too muddy in the face for a standard 'Red' Fox Sparrow.
  4. You said a juvenile bird is one that is in its first calendar year, this is not correct.
  5. I don't see why it's not a leucistic Cackler, this looks fine to me
  6. Believe it or not, I think this is a wonderful way to approach bird identification as a beginner. This forces you to have a critical eye, and notice differences and similarities. And after doing it for a while, you'll be able to do it super fast-- because you've had to pour you eyes over every single species, you'll have noticed patterns in plumage, structure, and shape which allow you to instantly rule out certain species.
  7. Part of the confusion is that even within the academic community, I don't know that there are agreed definitions for all of these terms. That said, I've never heard of juvenile not being included under the umbrella of immature.
  8. That's a much more modestly priced setup than I imagined- you're an excellent photographer! I've sunk a similar amount of money into my gear, but the main issue is that I'm a videographer so it was mostly in getting two Sony Alpha series cameras... Now I'm stuck because it doesn't make sense to buy a bunch of canon glass, but I really don't want to get Sony glass because it's ridiculously expensive and the Alpha cameras are notorious battery drainers, not something I want to deal with in the field. So, I'm stuck shooting with the first dslr I ever got, a crappy rebel with a kit 300mm lens from 2014 😂
  9. Bulky, very dark gull with strongly bicolored bill = Herring.
  10. This is not identifiable, however, I see no issue with this being a Ring-billed.
  11. Yeah, that's not correct. Juvenile generally refers to a bird in its first non-downy plumage, while immature just refers to any bird that has not acquired adult plumage. Meaning that immature is an umbrella term which includes all juvenile birds, while juvenile is a more precise term that refers to a particular plumage.
  12. This is a buteo, and the dark patagial bars combined with the very light plumage make this a Krider's Red-tailed Hawk
  13. I used lensrentals once before and rented a Canon 80d a couple of years ago. Other than that, as lonestranger pointed out there's lensrentals. The whole process was really easy, I paid around $80 for around 4-5 days with the 80d plus a lens, don't remember which one.
  14. Agreed, outside of very major metropolitan areas there's likely not going to be stores which offer rental services. However, cameras can be rented online, a service which I've used before (I'm a wedding videographer). But from my knowledge, those services are more aimed at semi-pros, and I don't think they'd have bridge cameras, which are the type of cameras that have these enormous zoom lenses. Edit: actually, wow. I did not realize that major camera rental companies also offered point-and-shoots.
  15. @akandula Actually, I see two of what appear to be Ruddy Turnstone on the left.
  16. @Kevin, the reason why your first try did not work was because that is the link to the Google Photos viewer, not the photo itself. Usually, the URL for photos will end in .JPG, .JPEG,or perhaps .PNG (although there are other formats, and for some websites, like google photos, this is not the case, as it is a little more complicated).
  17. This looks like a Common Redpoll... However, on more difficult birds it's important to get shots of the UT
  18. No. I feel like it's difficult to eliminate Song but Lincoln is a reasonable guess.
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