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  1. Just wondering what it would like to eat? it keeps trying to get on my wooden bird feeder like the smaller doves but cannot do it. Any ideas please? THX!
  2. HI! Have seen this beauty twice now in my back yard in eastern NC on a small crepe myrtle tree. The size of a rock dove, this pigeon has a rosy pink breast. Only seen it from the front as its quite shy. Hope someone knows what it is and has suggestions on how and what to put out for food. THX!
  3. Hope you can help with this beautiful pigeon! I am new to the East Coast(2 1/2 yrs now in eastern NC) and from Oregon. I have seen this pretty pigeon twice as it seems to be drawn to my bird feeders but I think its too large to access them as it is the same size as a rock dove(city pigeon). I have only seen it from the front while it is perching on one of my yard size crepe myrtles and it is very shy. With a full rosy pink breast it is quite pretty. Thank You! Littlequacker in NC
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