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  1. What I think is an Orchard Oriole was photographed today (through a window). The Nashville Warbler was photographed in the evening of May 13. Both in my backyard (Davenport, Iowa) and both would be lifers. I have had a Baltimore Oriole or two this year, but haven't seen any in a week or so. (The orange was placed up there by my kid; it was removed after I saw how dirty it was in this picture. Fresh orange is up now 🙂 ). Thank you!
  2. MMotto


  3. Confirming it's a Northern Gannet? Gulf of Maine, August 30, 2019
  4. I thought it was a Loon when I was taking the photos. Zoomed up and saw the white bill and thought it must be a Coot. The white on the side doesn't match, though. I'm stuck. Stockton Springs, Maine August 30, 2019
  5. Wow! Thanks, everyone. My Sibley's Guide is from 2000. 😂
  6. Orlando, Florida. September 14, 2019. I only took this one picture, unfortunately. This has to be a Common Moorhen, right? Red shield. White flank stripe and white tail visible. Red on back of leg. Usually the Coots and Allies are pretty simple. BUT, when I try to enter it in eBird, it's not listed as an option for Orlando. The SIbley's map doesn't show it's rare, but shows it should only be in this part of Florida in winter (so, September wouldn't be right). But, this is a Common Moorhen, right? I don't want to override eBird's generics unless I'm super sure.
  7. I'm from Iowa, and I've ID'd most of the Florida birds from a short trip last October, but...stuck, again. I thought maybe a thrush, but then the bill made me think it was in the Corvid family?
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