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  1. Davenport, Iowa, May 6, 2022. Hanging with some Baltimore Orioles in the yard.
  2. MMotto


  3. Davenport, Iowa, May 4, 2022. Confirming not a Purple Finch. ?
  4. Is this my female Rose-breasted Grosbeak, then?
  5. Thanks! He must seem bigger to me in the photo. Appreciate it!
  6. I got this one shot and thought it might be the female Rose-breasted Grosbeak since I had been taking some shots of the male at the feeder. Obviously, not a gros beak. Kind of thrasher-ish? I've had buntings and orioles in the yard, but no match! IMG_3210.CR2
  7. I have lots of House Wrens during the Summer in the bird houses and at the feeders, but I have never noticed them in the Winter. I understand they move south of here. Is this a Carolina Wren? The long supercilium and buffy-orange underneath makes me think so. January 30, 2022, in Davenport, Iowa. It's 23 degrees outside with snow on the ground.
  8. MMotto

    Wren in Iowa

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