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  1. May 8th Marsh area near Bow River Calgary. Late evening approaching dusk. Warm, bright sun. Appears to be a Forster's tern, does not appear to have the dark wing-tips seen on the common tern -- looking for confirmation. https://birdingidhelp.weebly.com/tern.html
  2. Seems like the wrong markings on the head for a song sparrow, no strong brown eye bar or on the crown, also doesn't seem to have enough streaking on the back...but maybe it's the lighting.
  3. I agree with red wing blackbird -- I think it is a non-breeding male, juveniles don't normally have such uniform markings, I find them to be much more patchy with the colour coming in.
  4. Second the yellow-jumped warbler (myrtle)
  5. Looks like a song sparrow to me, but I'm not feeling 100% on that....
  6. I was leaning towards the willow flycatcher, but the distinct eye-ring is making me think that maybe it is a least flycatcher. Let's see if anyone else has a thought.....
  7. Sparrows are very tough, still learning myself. I was recently on Vancouver Island and saw so much variation in the colours of song sparrows that I had convinced myself I was seeing something different than a song sparrow (especially when looking back at my photos). Sometimes it is good to play devil's advocate and ask yourself why it could be something, instead of why it can't. See which side gets more, and this will generally help to push you in the right direction. Keep at it, I find the more I read through this forum and see what others are seeing the better I am getting with my own pictures and sightings (always easier to be blunt with someone else's pictures!)
  8. I'm leaning towards Eastern (Westerns tend to have a paler back and wings, and the yellow goes more up to the corner of the bill, which this does not appear to do), but it is tough to tell.
  9. Nice picture!! I agree that the lack of white eye-ring makes me think it's not a Hammounds. I also am not great with flycatchers......but my suggestion is a Western Wood-pewee.....wait for someone else's thoughts though
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