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  1. Looks like a field sparrow to me with the pale pink/orange bill. The American tree sparrow has a black yellow bill. -- This is from books though, never had the pleasure of seeing either in person 🙂
  2. Looks like a Swainson's to me. The light chest and belly, with the dark banding on the ends of the primaries and secondaries, as well as the tail is Swainson's. Red tail, when two-toned like this is dark head, chest and belly, with a large white band across the primaries and secondaries (and a very thin dark band at the very tips of the feathers), red-tails don't have the dark band at the end of the tail feathers.
  3. The dark band at the end of the tail feathers, and the lack of red hue (even from the underside) makes me think Swainson's
  4. Definitely looks like a Northern Harrier, the white on the rump is the giveaway.
  5. I recently was on vacation at the Sunshine Coast and Victoria British Columbia, dates range from March 23rd to 29th. Struggling with these birds. Some pictures are better than others! 1) Revelstoke BC - Thinking it might be Pine Siskin https://birdingidhelp.weebly.com/pine-siskin.html 2) Lake Burnaby - Burnaby BC; Taken at sunset, thinking it is a Dowitcher, but having trouble determining between short-billed and long-billed https://birdingidhelp.weebly.com/dowitcher.html 3) Sunshine Coast BC - Bird is on the ground in some bushes. I have no idea what it might be. https://birdingidhelp.weebly.com/unknown.html 4) Sunshine Coast BC - Two different occurrences of a wren; could be same individual or different. No idea how / if it is possible to ID between Winter and Pacific Wren. a) https://birdingidhelp.weebly.com/winter-vs-pacific-wren.html b) https://birdingidhelp.weebly.com/pacific-vs-winter-wren.html 5) Sunshine Coast BC - Vireo or Flycatcher? First thought was maybe Hutton's Vireo https://birdingidhelp.weebly.com/huttons-vireo.html 6) Sunshine Coast BC - Another occurrence of Vireo (or Flycatcher)? Same general location and date as # 5 https://birdingidhelp.weebly.com/vireo.html 7) Sunshine Coast BC - Same as # 5 & 6 https://birdingidhelp.weebly.com/vireo-2.html 8 Sunshine Coast BC - Loon in winter plummage? https://birdingidhelp.weebly.com/winter-plummage-loon.html 9) Victoria BC - White Crowned Sparrow, Juvenile or Immature? https://birdingidhelp.weebly.com/white-crowned-sparrow.html Thanks for your help 🙂
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