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  1. Thanks for the help! The Bird Nuts, thanks also for pointing out the characteristics that distinguish this as a chipping sparrow. That is very helpful.
  2. I was this bird the end of July at East Lake in Central Oregon (elev 6,000'). I am having a heck of a time getting an ID figured out for this bird. I thinking it is a juvenile sparrow. Maybe a Savannah sparrow
  3. Thanks for the reply Melierax and blackburnian!
  4. Both birds were seen Monday in Central Oregon in a reservoir Bend. They were both feeding in the same area. I think the first one is a Least Sandpiper and the second one a Western Sandpiper. Is this correct?
  5. I saw this bird yesterday just outside of Bend in Central Oregon. It looks like an Ash-throated Flycatcher to me.
  6. This was taken yesterday in Central Oregon near Bend. Everything but the breast looks like a House Wren to me. It seems early for a fledgling, but maybe it is a molting pattern.
  7. Thanks you for the replies. I appreciate your comments.
  8. This is my first time spotting what I believe is a Cassin's Finch. This picture was taken April 21st near LaPine in central Oregon.
  9. This bird was spotted on the north Oregon coast the first week of May. With its rusty looking patches on the head and back, and the markings on the belly, I believe this is a Western Sandpiper. Can anyone confirm this or offer a better id? [/url]
  10. Thank you millipede for the ebird link. After looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions, I think a Grey Flycatcher is more fitting.
  11. I spotted this bird in central oregon 2 weeks ago. It was active in the middle of the day. I was thinking it my be a Hammond's Flycatcher.
  12. I completely forgot to add the relevant information. This bird was spotted last week in central Oregon near Bend.
  13. Is this is a Hammond's Flycatcher?
  14. Thanks all for the ID help! It is appreciated.
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