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  1. Picture taken today at Oak Park in Wichita, KS. Only picture.
  2. I took these pictures in SW Kansas. In the binoculars the bird was yellow with a gray head. I assumed it was a Mourning Warbler, but not for sure. It stayed low in the thickets and it was very difficult to take a picture. Thanks in advance!
  3. Not sure what this is. Pictures taken today in Elkhart in SW Kansas. My first thought was Worm-eating Warbler when I saw it through binoculars. I met some other birders who said they saw a WEW as well. Sorry about the low quality pics. Thanks in advance!
  4. These pictures were taken today at Elkhart Kansas in the SW part of the state. Thanks in advance!
  5. These pictures were taken today at Elkhart Kansas in the SW part of the state. The bird was high in the tree, so I had a hard time getting a good pic. I am pretty sure that all these pics are of the same bird. Thanks in advance!
  6. Pictures taken today at Oak Park in Wichita KS.
  7. These pictures were taken today at Oak Park in Wichita Kansas.
  8. After doing a little research, it's got to be a Wilson's Snipe, unless this bird is really lost. My Photo Sleuth ID App is usually pretty accurate, but I think it steered me in the wrong direction this time. Thanks for the help.
  9. Spotted today in SW Kansas. I thought it was a Wilson’s Snipe, but my Photo Sleuth App says that it is a Common Snipe. What do you think?
  10. Now I need to spot a Smith’s to complete the Longspurs.
  11. Thanks Avery. I was hoping it was a Thick-billed.
  12. This picture was taken recently in western Oklahoma. The rusty shoulder patch makes me think McCown, but I am not sure.
  13. Picture taken in the spring at Arkalon Park in Southwest Kansas. The iBird Photo Sleuth indicated 76% Short-billed and 23% Long-billed. What do you think?
  14. Thanks 15! Any other confirmation? Possible lifer for me.
  15. Pictures taken today at Arkalon Park in SW Kansas.
  16. Pictures taken at Arkalon Park in SW Kansas. iBird Photo Sleuth has the top bird as long and the bottom bird as short. What do you think?
  17. I downloaded the iBird Photo Sleuth and tried it out. It is right on with your observation!
  18. We went to Chicago this weekend fo the first time. I went to Montrose Point which was awesome, but being from Oklahoma, I don't get to ID many Gulls. When I used my Merlin Bird ID, the first picture came up Herring Gull, the second a Glaucous Gull, and the third picture a Ring Billed Gull and a Herring Gull. The immature birds make it difficult for me. What do you think?
  19. Pictures taken two days ago at Lincoln Park, Chicago.
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