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  1. The two juvenile Great Horned Owls sat on two of my firewood holder T-posts just at sunset tonight.
  2. One immature male Painted Bunting and one mature Painted Bunting taken this morning.
  3. Colton V, thanks for the nice comment. The mature male Painted Bunting is uniquely colored and is hard to miss, but the female is generally green colored and no blue on the head. Here is a picture I took today of a mature male Painted Bunting that shows the amazing colors of this bird.
  4. Thank you akandula for the clarification and explanation. If I had not looked closely at the picture, I would not have even suspected it was an immature male, but your information seems to be right on the mark.
  5. I understand the Male Painted Bunting may be slow to develop it's colors. When this bird came to the feeder, I assumed it was a female, but in looking at the color patterns on the picture, I was not certain if it was indeed a female or a young male yet to develop the full coloration. Could use some clarification. Thanks
  6. Tonight is the first time the juvenile Great Horned Owls came to the yard before dark. It gave a chance to get some better pics of them playing.
  7. Just after sunset, we frequently have 2 to 3 Great Horned Owls come up to the yard. Tonight one posed in the Oak tree.
  8. This summer we had two hatches raise in the bluebird boxes on the backyard fence. I would set the camera on a tripod with a remote shutter release and take pictures when the occasion arose. In this shot, the male bluebird seemed to resent the click of the shutter when he came to feed.
  9. My best pic of the day is a pair of Painted Buntings. We have been lucky this year to have two pair frequent our feeders, and this morning one pair came up for pics.
  10. Too late and dark for a good pic, but this owl has been coming to the front yard about 20 minutes after sunset routinely.
  11. The Scissortail Flycatcher has frequented a tree in my backyard and this is my first of a bird in flight taken this afternoon.
  12. This curious Downy provided my best photo of the day.
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