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  1. Here in South Central Oklahoma my first batch of Bluebirds left the box about 10 days ago, and a pair has nested in a second box and already feeding insects. It sounds like you are describing a male Painted Bunting. Fortunately I have two of them that are frequenting my seed feeder and they really are beautiful. My granddaughter calls them "rainbow birds". Here is a picture I took of one in the front yard this week.
  2. I finally got a sharp pic of the male Painted Bunting and wanted to share it with you.
  3. It was cloudy, windy and cool today in South Central Oklahoma but did get this one that I liked.
  4. This oddly colored female cardinal came up to the front yard. I have read that they can have unusual color variations.
  5. Earlier in the year we followed a nest of Bluebirds in a box on our backyard fence. I was fortunate to get several good pics of both male and female feeding the babies in the box. About a week ago they left and this morning they were in the oak tree in our front yard. Here is a pic of the group of baby Bluebirds.
  6. Today my wife called that there is a male Painted Bunting in the front yard. I hurried to get my camera, but was afraid to open the storm glass door so not to scare the bunting. This pic was shot through the glass door so the sharpness is seriously diminished, but the colors did come out well.
  7. The male did come by this morning but I was not ready to get a good picture, so had to take my best shots through the storm door which really reduced the sharpness. Fortunately the colors did come through. These are by far the most spectacular birds we have in this area, but the male bluebirds do give good competition.
  8. Thanks for the ID and nice comments on the picture. It is rare to have a bird here in South Central Oklahoma that is basically green. I hope to get some good pics of the male painted bunting in the next few days as his color is really spectacular.
  9. Yesterday a male painted bunting came to the feeder and today this beautiful green bird appeared. My assessment is it is a female painted bunting. I hope it is a pair and the male sticks around for a while.
  10. The Bluebirds continue to feed and the male provided today a pose that I really wanted to share.
  11. The Bluebirds have nested in our backyard fence birdhouse. They have been very busy today bringing in food.
  12. Although late in the season, a pair of Bluebirds are still raising babies in the birdhouse. The male is bringing in some feed.
  13. This is the fourth year that scissortail flycatchers have nested in our Oak tree. Here are a couple of pics I took this morning of them feeding the babies in the nest.
  14. First year to have bluebird house on the back fence with successful nest. These are the first pics using the Nikon android app on my cell to activate the shutter for remote pics. I was pleased to get a good comparison of the male and female bluebirds feeding the chicks in the nest house.
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