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  1. Although late in the season, a pair of Bluebirds are still raising babies in the birdhouse. The male is bringing in some feed.
  2. This is the fourth year that scissortail flycatchers have nested in our Oak tree. Here are a couple of pics I took this morning of them feeding the babies in the nest.
  3. First year to have bluebird house on the back fence with successful nest. These are the first pics using the Nikon android app on my cell to activate the shutter for remote pics. I was pleased to get a good comparison of the male and female bluebirds feeding the chicks in the nest house.
  4. I have noticed that frequently a bluebird leaves the nest box with something white in its beak. Any ideas what it is and should I be concerned about the box?
  5. In South Central Oklahoma this is a large bird that does not frequent my yard. It landed in the top of a tree on the edge of my pasture this morning. The quality is not great but it was a very long shot. Could you tell me what it is? Thanks
  6. I am certain this is a male cardinal, but was somewhat confused by the blue feathers on the back. Is this normal at certain times of the year or during growth? It is the first time I have seen this type of feather color on a cardinal.
  7. Yes, FlowerShooter actually does like to take pics of flowers, especially wild flowers. This blue flower grows in Oklahoma in the late spring and early summer and is found in clusters in shaded areas early in the morning. It is about the size of a dime and my granddaughter calls it the "elephant flower". The challenge is to get enough depth of field to capture all the elements in focus when shooting at approximately 1/1 magnification. This is my best flower pic this summer.
  8. A tree in my back yard is frequented by scissortail flycatchers. This morning a juvenile spent some time in the tree and after finishing breakfast, it preened feathers. Here are two of the best shots of its activity. I do not know if it is male or female.
  9. We have a pair of painted buntings frequent our feeders for four years but the male is very bashful and hard to get pictures of. This morning was bright and calm and the male was unusually cooperative. Here is my best picture of the day.
  10. This was taken in my front yard in South Central Oklahoma. The reason I am excited that it is probably an immature male painted bunting is that will verify the adult bunting pair that comes up to the feeder daily has successfully raised a nest of babies this year. Attached is a pic of the male taken last week. This is the 4th consecutive year that a bunting pair has come to the feeders, but this is the first time I can confirm a successful brood from the pair.
  11. When I first saw it, thought it was female painted bunting. After closer look at pic noticed blue starting on head and color patches on wing indicative of a male. My best guess is an immature male painted bunting. Any help?
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