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  1. Sorry you were not able to see the conjunction on Monday night. We were fortunate in central Oklahoma to have ideal weather to view it. I had bought a telescope during the summer in anticipation, but unfortunately the telescope would not focus with my Nikon 7200, so had use my 200-500 Nikon telephoto with telextenders to try and get some pics. Thanks for the nice comment.
  2. Kevin, thanks for reposting the pics of the Convergence. You really got the moons of Jupiter and Saturn in your shot. I used the mirror lock-up mode to get my shots as it locks the mirror up the first shutter release, and then takes the photo on the second release and eliminates the mirror slap that can cause loss of detail. You may have done that, but if not, it is worth a try on this kind of picture.
  3. Kevin, I could not pull out the pictures from your post of the Conjunction. It is probably my set-up, but sorry I could not view them.
  4. The weather in Oklahoma was excellent on Sunday night -the 20th- so I stacked my Nikon 200-500 together with a 2X and 1.4 X telextender and got the attached picture. The conditions were not as good on the 21st but Jupiter and Saturn were easily in the field of view Sunday.
  5. Scissortail flycatcher, Oklahoma
  6. A pair of juvenile Great Horned Owls that came to my Oak tree rarely together in one pic.
  7. While sitting on the porch watching the bird feeders, this doe came up in the yard with her fawn.
  8. Earlier this week the night was unusually clear and calm with the stars extremely bright. I set up my camera and the 200-500 lens that I use for birding shots and just wondered if it would be possible to photograph the rings of Saturn if I stacked my 1.4x and 2x extender together. It was not. However to my surprise, I did get the moons of Jupiter to show up on the photo.
  9. The two juvenile Great Horned Owls sat on two of my firewood holder T-posts just at sunset tonight.
  10. One immature male Painted Bunting and one mature Painted Bunting taken this morning.
  11. Colton V, thanks for the nice comment. The mature male Painted Bunting is uniquely colored and is hard to miss, but the female is generally green colored and no blue on the head. Here is a picture I took today of a mature male Painted Bunting that shows the amazing colors of this bird.
  12. Thank you akandula for the clarification and explanation. If I had not looked closely at the picture, I would not have even suspected it was an immature male, but your information seems to be right on the mark.
  13. I understand the Male Painted Bunting may be slow to develop it's colors. When this bird came to the feeder, I assumed it was a female, but in looking at the color patterns on the picture, I was not certain if it was indeed a female or a young male yet to develop the full coloration. Could use some clarification. Thanks
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