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  1. The cardinal this morning was very cooperative.
  2. it is great to have the painted bunting back this year.
  3. Tonight a pair of owls spent some time in the front yard posing on t-posts, water faucets, trees and grass. It was fun until it got just too dark to get pictures.
  4. She has been living just outside the office window and has enjoyed a variety of bug meals.
  5. This is the second hatch of Bluebirds this season in my back yard. The parents began bringing in feed yesterday to the box. Here are a couple of pics of the female feeding today.
  6. Thank you for clearing this up. If the bird was resting on the top wire of the fence and it was passing through the feathers, it would have the appearance of growing out of them as the picture shows. Thanks again, Flower Shooter.
  7. No, toward the bottom left below the level of the rail on this side of the bird below the wings.
  8. In reviewing a recent photo of a Red-headed Woodpecker on my fence, I noticed what looked like an extra appendage coming out of the back area extending toward the fence. Was this an aberration or does the woodpecker actually have a rear appendage, presumably for balance?
  9. Should read "Red-headed Woodpecker" and reminds me not to post before my first cup of coffee! ha
  10. The morning light was good for this female cardinal.
  11. The eye has it. In reviewing the pics of the Bluebirds feeding the babies, I was amazed to notice the details visible in the eye. You can see the sun and the clouds covering it with mixed blue skies, the corner of the bird box roof, the outline of the back of my house, and even the camera tripod in his eye.
  12. Cheerful Cardinal on a beautiful spring morning.
  13. Blue Grossbeak? This would be only the second time I have ever seen one in Oklahoma.
  14. The turkey came back tonight while I was sitting on the front porch.
  15. The Bluebirds in the backyard are keeping busy feeding the new babies.
  16. We have a female turkey coming to the yard. Today our two cats enjoyed her visit and she seemed to be equally interested in them as they watched from the front door.
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