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  1. The Bluejay made a close visit this morning. No cropping on this one.
  2. Happy to see the male Painted Bunting is back this year!
  3. Bluebirds and a Finch enjoying the birdbath together.
  4. Waiting on a nearby tree to defend the back porch hummingbird feeder.
  5. This bird was perched on the top of a nearby tree. This is in central Oklahoma and was seen around 3pm.
  6. An owl just loses something if you don't get the eyes!
  7. We do live in South central Oklahoma around Blanchard. They are very common in this area but are really beautiful and singular birds.
  8. Thanks to Pictaker for the camera setting advice on the birds in flight. This was of one of the owls coming into the yard tonight.
  9. The Scissortail Fly Catcher is our state bird. Today it spent some time in the tree next to our back yard and gave some photo ops. Here are two that I thought worth sharing.
  10. Tonight I used my 2X extender on my new lens, for the first time, to get some pics of the two juvenile owls, hoping they would appear with enough light to use the extender. They are not as sharp as I had hoped, but the lens did autofocus in the available light to give some useful pics. Here are a couple that may be worth sharing.
  11. Last night two owls came to visit with a little more daylight left.
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