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  1. High up in the sky, but I think it's a Juvenile Bald Eagle. A fellow birder thought it may be a Golden Eagle? Just double checking. Probably hard to confirm at this angle.
  2. Can someone confirm that this is an American Goldfinch? Taken today in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  3. I originally thought this was a Pied-billed Grebe but I think it may be a Horned? Can someone ID please? Taken today in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  4. Found these 2 happy swimmers today. Any guess on these hybrids? Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  5. Wow. You all put a lot of time and effort into my really bad picture. Since there are too many varying opinions - I'll say unconfirmed. But I'm thankful for everyone's input.
  6. I know this may be a long shot, but can anyone ID this bird from this horrible shot? It was soaring overhead. By the time I got set up to take a picture, he was moving on. Taken in Toronto, Canada today.
  7. Can someone ID this sparrow from this angle? Taken in Toronto, Canada today.
  8. Can I just get an opinion on these Redpolls? Taken in Toronto, Canada today. March 6 Common Hoary Hoary
  9. Can someone tell me what type of Woodpecker this is from its back. I didn't get a very good look. Just heard it and snapped quickly. Could be just a downy or hairy? Taken in British Columbia, Canada in July.
  10. Is this a Lesser Scaup? Taken in Toronto, Canada today.
  11. Somewhere in this chain of Spanish conversation was a question about a seagull?!?! Am I correct in saying that the final ID is a Herring Gull? Someone help a girl out here.
  12. I think this is a Herring Gull, but I did take a bunch of pictures as there was a reported Iceland Gull in the area. I struggle with Gull identification. Taken in Toronto, Canada yesterday, Feb. 21, 2021
  13. Can someone ID this Gull? Taken today in Toronto, Canada
  14. Is this a Female King Eider? Taken in Toronto, Canada today.
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