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  1. I was alerted to a spotting of 3 Hudsonian Godwit's in a storm pond in Hamilton. I believe these are them? I only saw 2 as you can see. Can someone confirm?
  2. Is this a Pied-billed Grebe? Taken in a pond in Brampton, Ontario, Canada today.
  3. Out from a walk today and noticed a complete white neck in amongst the flock of geese in the field. I imagine it's a leucistic Canada Goose? Taken in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
  4. I'm sure of this identification, but just wanted to show you a picture of the 2 Ross's Geese that have been hanging around Hamilton Bayfront Park in Ontario for 5 days now. Pretty exciting find!
  5. Did some Fall birding today. Is this a Lesser or Greater Scaup I caught in flight? Taken in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  6. Sorry. I missed your question. Yes, it was near a river.
  7. I appreciate your thorough description Benjamin. Not just because I'm learning from you, but because this is a new bird for me! Thank you.
  8. Possibly a female? Taken in Toronto in May
  9. Taken in Brampton, Ontario close to Toronto at a building site in October.
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