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  1. Went to a Hotspot in Mississauga (close to Toronto, Ontario) today after getting alerts. I believe I got the Short-billed Dowitcher (a new one for me) but I would like confirmation on the seond picture. Semipalmated Sandpiper or Sanderling perhaps? There is also a very bad far-off picture of a Dunlin with a Semipalmated possibly? Unfortunately, the birds were far off and my camera could not capture great photos. Any help you can give would be appreciated.




    Dunlin and Semi.JPG

  2. I drove for about 2 hours today to find a Blue Grosbeak (yay! mission completed) and also to see if I could find any Forster's Terns that were reported in the area. Common and Forster's are SO similar. I'm hoping the following pictures may shed some light on whether these are all Common Terns or if a Foster's may be in the mix somewhere. They were taken on Lake Erie, in Long Point Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.






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