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  1. Another good suggestion! Thank you

    57 minutes ago, lonestranger said:

    You could also try posting your Mexican sightings in the North America ID forum to get more eyes on them. You may not get any more suggestions than here, but they will be seen by a lot more people. I am pretty sure Mexico has already been declared welcome in the NA forum so you may want to take advantage of the more popular forum.


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  2. I had about an hour in Belgium to do some birding. There was a park in Ypres. I managed to identify quite a few of the birds but am looking for confirmation on a few and help with some rather bad angle/blur shots that someone may be able to identify. Taken on March 12, 2023.

    1) Common Chaffchaff

    2) Common Chaffinch

    3) Dunnock

    4) Long-tailed Tit

    5) Unsure as it's from behind. Maybe difficult to ID

    6) Blurry and unsure

    7) Unsure


    Common Chiffchaff.JPG

    Common Chaffinch.JPG


    Long-tailed Tit.JPG

    Bum view.JPG

    Unsure Belgium.JPG


  3. I was passing through a forest in France (Neuville-Saint-Vaast) on an educational tour through school and saw this bird fly into a tree. I managed to snap only one picture. Can someone identify this Creeper? It looks like there are on 2 in the area and they are called Tree Creepers? Taken on March 17, 2023.



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