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  1. I had about an hour in Belgium to do some birding. There was a park in Ypres. I managed to identify quite a few of the birds but am looking for confirmation on a few and help with some rather bad angle/blur shots that someone may be able to identify. Taken on March 12, 2023.

    1) Common Chaffchaff

    2) Common Chaffinch

    3) Dunnock

    4) Long-tailed Tit

    5) Unsure as it's from behind. Maybe difficult to ID

    6) Blurry and unsure

    7) Unsure


    Common Chiffchaff.JPG

    Common Chaffinch.JPG


    Long-tailed Tit.JPG

    Bum view.JPG

    Unsure Belgium.JPG


  2. I was passing through a forest in France (Neuville-Saint-Vaast) on an educational tour through school and saw this bird fly into a tree. I managed to snap only one picture. Can someone identify this Creeper? It looks like there are on 2 in the area and they are called Tree Creepers? Taken on March 17, 2023.



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