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  1. Is this a Hermit Thrush? Taken in Toronto, yesterday, December 21.
  2. Is this a Parula? Taken in Belize in March a few years back.
  3. Such a far away picture taken at the Salt Flats in Utah in July. Any idea what these are?
  4. I think this is a House Finch not a Cassin's? The tail is too long, not notched? Taken in Utah in July
  5. Any idea what these are? Taken in Zion National Park in Utah in July.
  6. Taken in Chicago in October a few years back.
  7. Thanks for the visual and explanation Tony. The Pine Grosbeak is a beautiful bird.
  8. Is this a Song Sparrow? The lighting is bad. Taken in September in Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada.
  9. Is this a Herring Gull? Taken in British Columbia, Canada in December (last year).
  10. Pacific Loon? Taken in California in January, 2020
  11. Is this a Pine Grosbeak possibly? Take in California in July (old picture).
  12. Here is another picture of a Grebe. It's probably an Horned Grebe as well, but an Earred Grebe was spotted at the park the same day and I shot these at different locations in the park. Can someone ID this? Colonel Samuel Smith Park in Toronto, Ontario, November 21.
  13. Horned Grebe possibly? Taken today in Toronto Canada.
  14. Is this a Bohemian or Cedar Waxwing? Taken in Toronto, Ontario, Canada today.
  15. Is this the Lesser Yellowlegs? Taken in Brampton, Ontario, Canada on October 25
  16. A juvenile Snow Goose and A Greater White Fronted Goose. These guys have been a pond in my neck of the woods for a week now (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)
  17. This was a the feeder at the back of our school in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada today. Pretty sure with that colouring it's a Fox Sparrow.
  18. Saw this pair in the middle of a gaggle of Canadian Geese and mallards in Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  19. I was alerted to a spotting of 3 Hudsonian Godwit's in a storm pond in Hamilton. I believe these are them? I only saw 2 as you can see. Can someone confirm?
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