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  1. Had a quick stopover on Turks and Caicos in November. Can someone ID?
  2. Very far away, blurry picture. Taken in Florida in April. Probably just a Red-winged blackbird.
  3. Is this a Herring Gull I captured having lunch one November day in Brampton, Ontario (close to Toronto).
  4. Pretty sure that's the only bird it could be. March, Belize.
  5. Is this a Clay coloured Thrush? Taken in Belize in March.
  6. I have a daughter in California, a son and daughter in British Columbia and every March I take a group of grade 12 students to Belize to help fix schools. That gives me opportunity to travel and get some warmth, mountains, sun and of course, birds!
  7. We had snow in May this year. Love my country, but sometimes our winters do linger.
  8. Pretty sure this is a Merlin I snapped enjoying a snack on my street in March in Toronto, Canada
  9. Female? Taken in Brampton, Ontario, Canada in September
  10. Is this a Cooper's Hawk? Taken in British Columbia in July
  11. This beautiful purple hummingbird - can anyone ID it? March in Belize.
  12. My eyes are probably playing tricks on me, but does someone else see a bird in hole in this tree? Could just be another branch or tree bark, but looking for another opinion. BC in Dec
  13. I need some practice with my Sparrow IDs. Is this a Song Sparrow. Taken in BC in December
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