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  1. Can someone ID this bird.California in July
  2. Does this look like a Goldfinch? Taken in California in July
  3. Is this a California Scrub Jay? Taken in Cali in July.
  4. Can anyone ID this warbler? Taken in California in January
  5. I'm wondering if this is a Fox Sparrow or a Song Sparrow? I think it may be a Fox Sparrow. Can someone confirm? Taken in Toronto in April.
  6. Well that was an epic fail. Perhaps this student should have done her homework and looked at the area Ash-throated Flycatchers are found in. I appreciate your help and knowledge. It's good to learn as we go along in this wonderful world of birding. Thank you. I really appreciate you wisdom.
  7. Can anyone ID this bird in flight? Taken in Belize in March.
  8. Thanks for the guide. I zoomed in and put my picture and the guide picture side by side. I'm leaning towards Ash-throated.
  9. Does this look like a Northern Harrier? Taken in British Columbia in December.
  10. Can anyone ID this bird? Taken in Dominican Republic in November.
  11. Can someone ID this warbler. Taken in Point Pelee, Ontario in May.
  12. This is the Wren I meant to post a picture of ... not the previous House Wren. Taken in Point Pelee in Ontario in July.
  13. Thanks. Just realized that's not the Wren I meant to post. I'll start another topic.
  14. Taken in May in Point Pelee Provincial Park in Ontario.
  15. Taken in Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada in July.
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