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  1. May be hard to ID as it was so far away, but could this be either a Gray-breasted Martin or a Bank Swallow? Taken in Belize in March.
  2. Is this a White-eyed Vireo? Taken in Belize in March
  3. Is this a Blue Crowned Motmot? Taken in Belize in March
  4. Wow. Lots of information and learning going on for me. Thank you so much everyone for your feedback and help.
  5. Thanks Tony. I'll make the change on my list.
  6. Sorry. I was posting back and forth and got this in the wrong forum. Thanks for you help.
  7. Ben ... unfortunately, it wasn't from this year. Covid has given me time to shift through unidentified birds. Can you explain what you mean by Townsend's x Black-throated Green?
  8. Is this an American Crow? I thought maybe a Yucatan Jay but there is not distinct eye ring.
  9. Picture taken in Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada in August.
  10. Taken in August in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada
  11. Gonna guess a Pigeon of sorts. Anyone have a better sense of what type? Belize in March
  12. Could this be a Yellow-backed Oriole? Taken in Belize in March
  13. This guy is kind of wedged in a tree but can someone ID? Taken in British Columbia in in July.
  14. I know I've made this mistake before, but is THIS a Solitary Sandpiper or a Spotted one? I took this picture this weekend at a Conservation Area in Belleville, Ontario. I went looking for a Virginia Rail and this guy flew by. I have trouble identifying shore birds.
  15. Can someone help with identifying this Sparrow? Taken in British Columbia in December.
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