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  1. Gonna guess a Pigeon of sorts. Anyone have a better sense of what type? Belize in March
  2. Could this be a Yellow-backed Oriole? Taken in Belize in March
  3. This guy is kind of wedged in a tree but can someone ID? Taken in British Columbia in in July.
  4. I know I've made this mistake before, but is THIS a Solitary Sandpiper or a Spotted one? I took this picture this weekend at a Conservation Area in Belleville, Ontario. I went looking for a Virginia Rail and this guy flew by. I have trouble identifying shore birds.
  5. Can someone help with identifying this Sparrow? Taken in British Columbia in December.
  6. I don't have a rubber chicken yet. A new one for me ?
  7. Blurry, and taken front on. Probably a Yellow Warbler but just double checking. Taken in Zion National Park in July
  8. Anyone have an idea what bird this is? Taken on Antelope Island in July.
  9. Possible. Not the best picture but I think you can see the feathers behind the red eye.
  10. Can someone ID this Swallow? Taken in Zion National Park, Utah in July.
  11. Can someone ID this little guy? Taken in Layton, Utah in May.
  12. Pretty sure this is a Plumbeous Vireo. Picture taken in Zion National Park, Utah in July
  13. Pretty sure these are both Chukars as I don't see the comma-shaped plume on either of them. Taken on Antelope Island, Utah in May
  14. Are these both pictures of Sage Thrashers? Taken on Antelope Island, Utah in May.
  15. This is a far away picture and I little blurry. Taken on Antelope Island, Utah in May. The bird on the right is a Lark Sparrow, I think. What about the one on the left?
  16. Just need an confirmation on this one. Taken on Antelope Island, Utah in May
  17. Are these both Woodhouse Scrub Jays? Both taken in Utah in May.
  18. I think you may be right Tony. Been looking at photos online. Appreciate your help.
  19. Oh my. How did I not get this one ? Thank you
  20. Can someone ID this bird. Taken, I think in Newport Beach, California in July
  21. Not sure if this is a bluebird or a bunting? Taken in Pasedena, CA in July
  22. This is probably a no-brainer, but these are both Bushtits? Taken in Malibu in July
  23. Is this a Sparrow. Taken in Malibu, Cali in July
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