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  1. They look so much like each other. Can someone confirm? California, Long Beach I think.
  2. Could this be an Allen's Hummingbird I snapped in California?
  3. I do recall a group of birders nearby and the leader commenting on hearing a Dusky-Capped flycatcher. Thank you.
  4. Possibly? Or Herring Gull? British Columbia in December
  5. Picture taken in British Columbia in December
  6. Oh. Okay. Not the majestic one. picture we normally see. Obviously a young one.
  7. Pretty sure. Just double checking. Taken in BC in July
  8. Pretty sure this is a Purple Finch, not a Cassin's? Taken in British Columbia in December.
  9. Is this a Red-tailed? When I was in BC someone suggested it may be a Golden Eagle. British Columbia in December
  10. This was taken at the Grand Canyon in July. Any ideas of what type of Warbler it could be?
  11. Not the greatest shot, I know. But hopefully someone can ID. Taken in British Columbia in July
  12. Is this a Cooper's Hawk? Taken in British Columbia in July
  13. Can someone ID this? Palm Warbler not Orange-crowned? Taken in Chicago in October.
  14. Hi Connor. I was at a resort in the Mayan Riveria
  15. Can anyone ID this bird? Taken in Belize in March
  16. I don't think this is a Summer Tanager? Anyone have any idea? Belize in March
  17. Taken in Mexico in July. These little guys are so hard to ID
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