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  1. This was taken at the Grand Canyon in July. Any ideas of what type of Warbler it could be?
  2. Not the greatest shot, I know. But hopefully someone can ID. Taken in British Columbia in July
  3. Is this a Cooper's Hawk? Taken in British Columbia in July
  4. Can someone ID this? Palm Warbler not Orange-crowned? Taken in Chicago in October.
  5. Hi Connor. I was at a resort in the Mayan Riveria
  6. Can anyone ID this bird? Taken in Belize in March
  7. I don't think this is a Summer Tanager? Anyone have any idea? Belize in March
  8. Taken in Mexico in July. These little guys are so hard to ID
  9. Pretty sure I'm right on this hummingbird as there are only 5 in Canada.
  10. Which Oriole is this? Can someone confirm. Taken in July in Mexico
  11. Possibly? The patch around the eye would suggest Couch's but the eye suggest Tropical? Taken in Mexico in July.
  12. Think I got this one right. Taken in Moab National Park, Utah in July
  13. I don't know if this helps, but here a couple of more pictures of it.
  14. Ruby-throated? Dominican Republic in February.
  15. So the location is important. I'll take another look.
  16. Do you think this is a female Cape May Warbler or a Pine Warbler? Dominican Republic in November.
  17. Thank you for the ID. Bo, sounds like a lot of entertainment right out your window.
  18. Not sure if this is a Phoebe? Taken in Newport Beach, California in January
  19. Someone suggest this may be a Stolid Flycatcher. Anyone have any imput? DR in February.
  20. Just mostly going by the very long beak. Can anyone confirm? DR in February
  21. Pretty sure this is a Least Grebe. Taken in the DR in January.
  22. Loggerhead Kingbird? Any ideas? Taken in the Dominican Republic in December.
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