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  1. You are all too techno savvy for me. I never knew. I'll look into this. Thank you
  2. Oops. There were 2. I must have forgot to attach. Here's the other one.
  3. Are these both Red Shouldered Hawks. Picture taken in California.
  4. Kevin, that was very cool. I put the picture in and it said no GPS was found. That leads me to think it must have been on one of my 2 trips over the border into Guatemala.
  5. I'll have to get back to you. I have been through a bunch of different jungles in Belize. I'll have to dig through pics. I will get back to you. I'd like to get an ID on this bird if possible. Thank you.
  6. You're right. Thanks for the information and ID.
  7. Awesome. Looks like a decoration on a Christmas tree!
  8. Is this a Northern Shrike. Picture taken in Alberta, Canada, in May
  9. Could this be the Amazon Kingfisher? Maybe a better picture for IDing? Belize, March
  10. Do you think this is a Brown Jay? The head looks strange but perhaps it's just the angle?
  11. Can anyone ID this baby bird? Belize, March
  12. Good call. I think you may be right. Thanks Connor.
  13. I don't think I can get an ID on this bird with the picture being from the back, but I'm guessing a Thrush of sorts? Any ideas? Belize in March
  14. Can anyone ID this swallow. Belize, March
  15. Could this be a Tropical Parula or may a Magnolia Warbler?
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