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  1. Awesome. Looks like a decoration on a Christmas tree!
  2. Is this a Northern Shrike. Picture taken in Alberta, Canada, in May
  3. Could this be the Amazon Kingfisher? Maybe a better picture for IDing? Belize, March
  4. Do you think this is a Brown Jay? The head looks strange but perhaps it's just the angle?
  5. Can anyone ID this baby bird? Belize, March
  6. Good call. I think you may be right. Thanks Connor.
  7. I don't think I can get an ID on this bird with the picture being from the back, but I'm guessing a Thrush of sorts? Any ideas? Belize in March
  8. Can anyone ID this swallow. Belize, March
  9. Could this be a Tropical Parula or may a Magnolia Warbler?
  10. Could this be some sort of Vireo? Really hidden behind the branches. Any idea?
  11. This isn't a very good picture, but I'm wondering if it could be a motmot? Looks like the tail may be an indication? Belize in March.
  12. Yes, sorry. I am sorting through oodles of bird photos. Too much time on my hands these days.
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