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  1. Good call. I think you may be right. Thanks Connor.
  2. I don't think I can get an ID on this bird with the picture being from the back, but I'm guessing a Thrush of sorts? Any ideas? Belize in March
  3. Can anyone ID this swallow. Belize, March
  4. Could this be a Tropical Parula or may a Magnolia Warbler?
  5. Could this be some sort of Vireo? Really hidden behind the branches. Any idea?
  6. This isn't a very good picture, but I'm wondering if it could be a motmot? Looks like the tail may be an indication? Belize in March.
  7. Yes, sorry. I am sorting through oodles of bird photos. Too much time on my hands these days.
  8. Is this a Dunlin? Point Pelee, Ontario, Canada, May
  9. Excellent. This bird has eluded me for years!!
  10. Western Sandpiper? Point Pelee, Ontario, Canada, May
  11. Is this a Swamp Sparrow? Pelee Island, Ontario, Canada, May
  12. Belize in March 1) Not sure 2) Common Ground Dove 3) Rock Pigeon 4) Red Billed Pigeon 5) Rock Pigeon 2
  13. Plumbeous Kite possibly? Belize in March
  14. Can someone help ID this bird from Belize in March
  15. Some birds from Haiti in February. 1) Cape May Warbler 2) Palmchat 3) Gray Kingbird 4) Hispaniolan Woodpecker 5) Ani
  16. Hmmmm. Guess I'll record it as both and hope that next time I'm there, I can snap a better picture of both. Thank you Connor!
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