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  1. Pretty sure. Just double checking. Belize, March
  2. Gartered or Black headed Trogon? Belize, March
  3. I guess by the name he sings very well? Thank you!
  4. Could this be a Bronzed Cowbird? Distinct red eye. Belize, March
  5. All these flycatchers - so many similarities. Can someone id this one? March, Belize
  6. Is this a Black Catbird or is the beak too long? Belize in March
  7. Is this the Black-cheeked Woodpecker? Belize in March
  8. I have been trying all Spring in Canada to capture one of these and no luck. Looks like I had to travel to Belize to see one. Thank you.
  9. Alright Connor. I got it - glaring at me. Thank you
  10. Yellow-throated or Scrub Euphonia? Belize, March
  11. A diving picture so it may be hard to id. March, Belize
  12. I have lots of time on my hands so I'm going through my Belize files. Bear with me and all my uploads. And thank you for your help. March, Belize
  13. Possibly a Green Breasted Mango? It was so green and had purple in it too. Maybe I'm just hoping but I remember the colours were incredible.
  14. Black Phoebe or Greenish Elaenia? March, Belize
  15. Female Magnolia Warbler? Belize in March
  16. Does this look like a Black-throated Green Warbler? Guatemala in March
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