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  1. Could this be a Yellow-bellied Elaenia? Shot in Guatemala in March
  2. This hummingbird attracted me as it was such a beautiful green and had a beautiful purple tail. Although it looks like a Rufous tailed, I really believe it was not. Anyone see anything that could vote in my favour?
  3. Could this be a Streaked Flycatcher? Again, Belize in March
  4. Anyone know what type of seed eater this may be? Belize in March
  5. One more I can't seem to identify as the clarity is bad. Any ideas anybody?
  6. I realize this is a very bad shot but maybe someone has an idea?
  7. Is this a Summer Tanager I captured in Belize?
  8. Is this a Boat billed flycatcher. Belize, March 2019
  9. Ignore. I uploaded the wrong photo of what I thought was a Wood Stork.
  10. Thanks for the confirmation Colton and Kevin!
  11. Taken near South El Monte California. Not very clear as he's hiding behind foliage.
  12. Awesome. I new one for me! Thank you.
  13. Thank you. Going through my pictures and wanted confirmation.
  14. Taken near South El Monte California in December 2019. Not a very clear picture. Could it be a Scrub Jay?
  15. I snapped this picture in Joshua Tree National Park in California in January. Is it a Cactus Wren? https://i.imgur.com/zkEIWIW.jpg
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