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  1. I have lots of time on my hands so I'm going through my Belize files. Bear with me and all my uploads. And thank you for your help. March, Belize
  2. Possibly a Green Breasted Mango? It was so green and had purple in it too. Maybe I'm just hoping but I remember the colours were incredible.
  3. Black Phoebe or Greenish Elaenia? March, Belize
  4. Female Magnolia Warbler? Belize in March
  5. Does this look like a Black-throated Green Warbler? Guatemala in March
  6. Could this be a Yellow-bellied Elaenia? Shot in Guatemala in March
  7. This hummingbird attracted me as it was such a beautiful green and had a beautiful purple tail. Although it looks like a Rufous tailed, I really believe it was not. Anyone see anything that could vote in my favour?
  8. Could this be a Streaked Flycatcher? Again, Belize in March
  9. Anyone know what type of seed eater this may be? Belize in March
  10. One more I can't seem to identify as the clarity is bad. Any ideas anybody?
  11. I realize this is a very bad shot but maybe someone has an idea?
  12. Is this a Summer Tanager I captured in Belize?
  13. Is this a Boat billed flycatcher. Belize, March 2019
  14. Ignore. I uploaded the wrong photo of what I thought was a Wood Stork.
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