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  1. May be boring for some of you, but I'm excited. A new one for my list!
  2. Hoping I can ID one bird correctly. Is this indeed a Brewer's Blackbird?
  3. Can anyone confirm which Wren picture 2 is?
  4. Can someone ID this sparrow? Taken in Southern California last week.
  5. Are all of these Bushtits? Taken in Southern California last week.
  6. Last week doing some hiking in California, I snapped these terrible shots of birds deep in the forest. Not sure if anyone can ID them or not, but I thought I'd try. Picture 2 almost looks like there is a crest like that of a Quail?
  7. Just double checking. Taken in Southern Calfornia last week.
  8. I was out for an exercise walk this morning. Heard a distant hawk call. I did not have my camera so I recorded it. Can anyone tell by this song what Hawk it is? Also a very bad iphone picture. Taken in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. 2021-07-18 1205.wav
  9. I'm from Canada and we have lots of Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers here. I'm pretty sure this is a Nuttall's though as the barring does not go all the way up its back. Can someone confirm? Taken in California last week.
  10. Can someone confirm that this a Plumbeous Vireo? Taken last week in Southern California.
  11. Thanks Connor (and Sean). It's not listed in my Sibley's Birder's Life List and Field Guide Diary. I read up on it this morning. "In 2019 the IOC revised their taxonomy of white-eyes, which included recognizing the simplex subspecies of “Japanese White-eye” and several other taxa as Swinhoe’s White-eye; and reorganizing “Japanese White-eye”, which they now list as Warbling White-eye." This decision has now been followed by eBird in their eBird/Clements 2019 Taxonomy Update (August 7th). Introducing this revision, their entertaining recipe-style update states that: “Asian Zosterops have undergone a comprehensive, extensive, and confusing reorganization. Much of this is based on several studies that include an extensive genetic phylogeny for the taxa in south and east Asia…” This is a new realm for me.
  12. They sure do look similar. Can I confirm Swinhoe's then?
  13. Just came back from California to visit family after 17 months. Captured this incredibly beautiful bird at the beach yesterday, July 14. Is it a Vireo or Warbler? Stunning!
  14. Oh my. That was my first thought but boy, that's some sky writing! Too funny! Thanks for your insight ?
  15. Can someone tell me what's going on in this picture I took yesterday? Perhaps a cord of sorts? Very strange to see once I put my pictures on the computer. I didn't notice anything while he was in the water or when he flew away.
  16. Another bad picture. The lighting was terrible but is this a House Wren? Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  17. Well that's cool. Thank you Tony. It had a very neat call too!
  18. Can someone identify this flycatcher from underneath? Taken in Brampton, Ontario, Canada on June 6, 2021
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