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  1. I know this is a very bad photo but could it be a Long-tailed Duck? Taken in Toronto, Ontario on May 7.
  2. I snapped 2 flycatchers yesterday in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Are they the same one? Alder or Least?
  3. I snapped a bunch of different Warblers yesterday, May 8, in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Can anyone confirm or correct my id's please. 1) Blackburnian 2) Black-throated Green 3) Black-throated Blue 4) Cape May 5) Chestnut Sided 6) Nashville 7) Palm Warbler 8 Northern Parula 9) Yellow
  4. I'm pretty sure this is a Juvenile Bald Eagle. Just looking for confirmation. British Columbia in April
  5. Are these possibly Long-billed Dowitcher's resting in the water? British Columbia, Canada in April
  6. Is this a Lincoln's Sparrow perhaps? Taken in British Columbia, Canada in April
  7. I'm not sure of an ID on this bird. Can someone help? Taken in British Columbia, Canada in April
  8. Can someone ID this really lovely singer? Taken in British Columbia, Canada in April
  9. High up in the sky, but I think it's a Juvenile Bald Eagle. A fellow birder thought it may be a Golden Eagle? Just double checking. Probably hard to confirm at this angle.
  10. Can someone confirm that this is an American Goldfinch? Taken today in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  11. I originally thought this was a Pied-billed Grebe but I think it may be a Horned? Can someone ID please? Taken today in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  12. Found these 2 happy swimmers today. Any guess on these hybrids? Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
  13. Wow. You all put a lot of time and effort into my really bad picture. Since there are too many varying opinions - I'll say unconfirmed. But I'm thankful for everyone's input.
  14. I know this may be a long shot, but can anyone ID this bird from this horrible shot? It was soaring overhead. By the time I got set up to take a picture, he was moving on. Taken in Toronto, Canada today.
  15. Can someone ID this sparrow from this angle? Taken in Toronto, Canada today.
  16. Can I just get an opinion on these Redpolls? Taken in Toronto, Canada today. March 6 Common Hoary Hoary
  17. Can someone tell me what type of Woodpecker this is from its back. I didn't get a very good look. Just heard it and snapped quickly. Could be just a downy or hairy? Taken in British Columbia, Canada in July.
  18. Is this a Lesser Scaup? Taken in Toronto, Canada today.
  19. Somewhere in this chain of Spanish conversation was a question about a seagull?!?! Am I correct in saying that the final ID is a Herring Gull? Someone help a girl out here.
  20. I think this is a Herring Gull, but I did take a bunch of pictures as there was a reported Iceland Gull in the area. I struggle with Gull identification. Taken in Toronto, Canada yesterday, Feb. 21, 2021
  21. Can someone ID this Gull? Taken today in Toronto, Canada
  22. Is this a Female King Eider? Taken in Toronto, Canada today.
  23. Thank you everyone. Can't believe I've snapped a Hoary in amongst a flock of Common Redpoll's twice in one month!
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