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  1. Can someone confirm this is a Great Horned Owl? Taken in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in February a few years back.
  2. Blue winged Teal? Taken in Point Pelee National Park in May.
  3. Are all of these Common Redpolls? Taken in Toronto, Ontario today. There was a report of a Hoary Redpoll at the Park so I just snapped and snapped.
  4. This picture was taken yesterday in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. It looks like a Greater White Fronted Goose but the bill tip is black. The white one is not a Snow Goose - too heavy and the bill is too orange. Any thoughts?
  5. Just confirming that this is a Lesser Scaup? Taken in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada yesterday.
  6. That's awesome @Seanbirds. A new one for me. Thank you.
  7. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. DLecy, your concise points are appreciated.
  8. That's a Barred Owl, a Canvasback, a Wilson's Snipe and a Northern Pintail (but you all know that)! Happy New Year everyone!
  9. Just double checking that this is a Common Tern? Taken in Pelee Point National Park, Ontario, Canada in May.
  10. Weird angle of this bird. Taken in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada in May a few years back.
  11. Sorry Tony. Not sure of this lingo. Death knell?
  12. This duck looked a little different. Is it an American Black Duck or a Hybrid?
  13. This Goose seemed a little smaller than the others. Is it possible that it could be a Cackling Goose or just a more compact Canada Goose?
  14. Confirmation that this is a Carolina Wren? Taken in Hamilton, Ontario today.
  15. Some sort of Hybrid? Any idea? Taken in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada today.
  16. Yellow winged? Taken in Belize in March a few years back
  17. I think the first two are Social Flycatchers and the second one is a Boat-billed Flycatcher?
  18. Taken in Parry Sound, Ontario in July. Pretty sure. Just a crazy position.
  19. Can I get confirmation of what Thrushes these are? Taken in Brampton, Ontario, Canada in October a few years back.
  20. Another photo from Sauble Beach, Ontario in August a few years back. There is a branch in front of the bird and the lighting isn't so great.
  21. This is an old picture but I'm wondering if it could be an Orange Crowned Warbler? Taken in Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada in August.
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