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  1. Looks like an Acadian to me with the super long primary projection.
  2. A female-type Cassin's Finch would have crisper streaking, a stronger facial pattern, and a sharper bill.
  3. Sorry, now that I look at it better, it looks better as an Orange-crowned.
  4. The supralorals are very buffy, which rules out all other similar Catharus.
  5. That’s a Palm Warbler. Note the yellow undertail coverts.
  6. Confirmed. I can see a contrasting buffy supraloral bar from these photos.
  7. I agree with a European Starling. It's an immature one molting into adult plumage.
  8. This is far too stocky for a harrier. Broad-winged seems like a good guess.
  9. Correct. The blurry streaking, bold malar, and long tail are good ID features.
  10. Juvenile Peregrine. The “mustache” is too strong for a Merlin.
  11. I don't know if there are any bug experts on this forum. Those are definitely Coreidae nymphs, but I'm not experienced enough to narrow them down further.
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