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  1. That's a Redhead. Note the round head and warm-colored body.
  2. Yup. The striped heads/backs and long bills are distinctive.
  3. With the noticeable nostrils on a pale bill base, these are Greater Yellowlegs.
  4. I can see the photos. Both look okay for American Tree.
  5. I think the pose is confusing people. The chunky appearance, large gray bill, and reddish wings/tail all point me to Song.
  6. 1 and 4 are correct. 3 looks like a young Ring-billed Gull. I'll pass on 2.
  7. Looks like it's just starting to get that adult plumage in.
  8. Why not immature Red-shouldered? I see a pale crescent on the right wing.
  9. I agree with a Savannah. Also note the thin pink bill and yellow supralorals.
  10. 1. Pied-billed Grebe 2. Green-winged Teal 3. Ruddy Duck 4. American Wigeons 5. Blue-winged Teal
  11. I say #2. I don’t think it matters... #1 is more American and #2 is more British.
  12. It's a Cooper's with the bulky build.
  13. Your camera is not exactly a "birding" camera, at least in my opinion. Many other point-and-shoot cameras, such as Canon Powershots, are not too expensive and have more zoom power.
  14. Yeah, I meant pay attention to. If you go into the field with that mindset, you can capture really nice, maybe even award-winning, shots of any bird species. (With a lot of patience, of course.)
  15. Focus on the lighting and background rather than the bird itself.
  16. I might be wrong, but the bill seems a bit long for Semipalmated.
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