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  1. 1. All three look like Pied-billed 2. Ruddy Duck 3-4. Pass 5. Yes, Northern Flicker 6. Yes, male American Kestrel 7-8. Young Sharp-shinned
  2. Yeah, now looking back at it, I'm not completely sure if it's pale enough. It does look a lot like a wild one. I'm curious for any other opinions.
  3. 5. The peachy throat indicates some domestic genes. 8. Eared Grebe with the middle-peaked head.
  4. Those are Townsend's Warblers. Note the dark ear patches.
  5. For comparison, here's a photo of a female-type Eastern Purple I took not too long ago. Notice how my bird has bolder markings and browner plumage.
  6. Yeah, I haven’t seen @akiley on here recently . I would say Western due to the greenish tint on the back.
  7. Adult Cooper's is a safe bet with that large size (compared to the Merlin) and short outer tail feathers.
  8. The first bird strikes me as a Ring-necked Duck with that square head. I could be wrong, though.
  9. It's probably the one in Manasquan Inlet (New Jersey).
  10. Orange bill, fully dark inner primaries... looks good for the Black-headed, Rich.
  11. I agree with Pine Warbler for #3. Thick bill, eye-arcs, unstreaked back.
  12. No, adult Red-shoulders have black-and-white checkered patterns on their wings.
  13. That's a Redhead. Note the round head and warm-colored body.
  14. Yup. The striped heads/backs and long bills are distinctive.
  15. With the noticeable nostrils on a pale bill base, these are Greater Yellowlegs.
  16. I can see the photos. Both look okay for American Tree.
  17. I think the pose is confusing people. The chunky appearance, large gray bill, and reddish wings/tail all point me to Song.
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