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  1. Thanks Nuts - diagnostics appreciated by both of you. Jerry Waverly Hall, GA
  2. Thank you for the quick response . . . I'll take it! Great bird to get that close to. Jerry Waverly Hall , GA
  3. Waverly Hall GA (Columbus GA) Oct 17, 2020 Can I go with a Sharpie on this? Sitting out back watching the bird feeder. All of a sudden about 20 Mourning Doves launch - I thought "something spooked them." About 30 seconds later this guy flew in. Makes for an interesting afternoon. Same bird both pictures. Appreciated - Jerry Waverly Hall GA
  4. Thank you HamR . . . was going between a Tennessee and Orange-Crowned (either would be a lifer) while rifling through my 10 bird books! Jerry Waverly Hall, GA
  5. December 5, 2019, Columbus/Waverly Hall GA. Whatever it is, it's a back-yard lifer! Thanks . . . Jerry Waverly Hall, GA
  6. They are juvi's . . . they don't know what their range is yet! Jerry Manassas VA
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