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  1. You need to take a trip east to Merritt Island NWR in Florida! Check out Cape Canaveral while you are there. Jerry Waverly Hall GA
  2. Thanks all for setting me straight. FWIW, also got a couple more lifers: Black-Headed Grosbeak, Lesser Goldfinch, California Gull, Anna's Hummingbird and Black Phoebe. Overall a productive trip! Jerry
  3. All taken week of August 7 Went for a visit to southwest Oregon from Georgia . . . couple of flycatchers. Not a lot of experience with them. Pictures 1 and 2 are same bird. Throw out a guess of Ash-Throated because of black bill, but don't see any rufous on the wings. Picture 3 - Willow? Thanks - Jerry Waverly Hall GA
  4. My day will come! Thanks - Jerry Waverly Hall GA
  5. Please send it to Georgia . . . great photo. Jerry Waverly Hall GA
  6. I'll take 'em! Thanks Connor/Tanager . . . Jerry
  7. Going through old pictures. Was on a cruise - did a whale watching excursion and saw these . . . Murrelets? Clearly this Georgia boy not familiar with these seabirds. Is there enough to ID here? Thanks for the help, Jerry Waverly Hall GA USA
  8. Thank you Bird Nuts . . . Gray-Cheeked is a lifer. Looks like I have a mixed flock here. Fascinating! Jerry Waverly Hall GA
  9. Have about a dozen thrushes taking up residence in a tree at the far end of my yard. Never had a chance to watch them for any time before this, they'll probably be leaving soon. Checking: No 1 - Gray-Cheeked? Leaning toward this with incomplete white eye-ring No 2 - Swainson's? Seems to be a buffy eye-ring. Don't know what else to use to ID the two. Thanks for help, guidance! Jerry Waverly Hall GA USA
  10. QQ/Grackle: Well, that's as silly as a House Finch!? I'll go with that unless someone offers something more compelling. Thanks - Jerry Adding Kevin to the thanks!
  11. East Coast guy gets a week out West . . . found this at Lake Selmac (Aug 17, 2021). Something silly like a House Finch? Appreciate the help . . . Jerry Waverly Hall, GA
  12. Thanks Nut - I had written off the Kinglet because of color. These are the colors I am used to for the RCKI: Jerry Waverly Hall, GA USA
  13. Lake Selmac, (west) Oregon, April 14 during my west coast trip. Convinced myself its a flycatcher - leaning toward Hammond's, with Dusky and Gray as alternatives (in that order). Appreciate any help . . . Jerry Waverly Hall, GA USA
  14. Savannah Sparrow? Jerry Waverly Hall GA
  15. Well gosh darn! Thanks Aidan . . . Jerry Waverly Hall, GA
  16. Lake Selmac, Oregon, April 14. East Coast Boy gets a trip out to Oregon and grabs a few (10) lifers . . . not sure about this one. Thanks! Jerry Waverly Hall GA
  17. Aiden/Boy - appreciate the quick response! Not a lifer but a great picture upgrade to my life-bird PowerPoint. Thanks, Jerry Waverly Hall, GA USA
  18. Today (01/19/2021, Columbus GA) - chased a northern cardinal into a bush and created quite the noise. Still trying to learn these guys. Looks like a small head to me - Sharpie? Thanks all, Jerry
  19. Boy - thanks for the additional field mark (unspotted white portion of the tail). I see it in Sibley's now! Appreciated . . . first of year for me. Jerry Waverly Hall, GA
  20. Usually I find these pretty cut and dry, but the length of the bill (to me) tends toward hairy, while the rest looks like a downy. Columbus GA, 15 JAN 2021. Thanks! Jerry
  21. Thanks Nuts - diagnostics appreciated by both of you. Jerry Waverly Hall, GA
  22. Thank you for the quick response . . . I'll take it! Great bird to get that close to. Jerry Waverly Hall , GA
  23. Waverly Hall GA (Columbus GA) Oct 17, 2020 Can I go with a Sharpie on this? Sitting out back watching the bird feeder. All of a sudden about 20 Mourning Doves launch - I thought "something spooked them." About 30 seconds later this guy flew in. Makes for an interesting afternoon. Same bird both pictures. Appreciated - Jerry Waverly Hall GA
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