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  1. Have about a dozen thrushes taking up residence in a tree at the far end of my yard. Never had a chance to watch them for any time before this, they'll probably be leaving soon.


    No 1 - Gray-Cheeked? Leaning toward this with incomplete white eye-ring

    No 2 - Swainson's? Seems to be a buffy eye-ring.

    Don't know what else to use to ID the two.

    Thanks for help, guidance!


    Waverly Hall GA USA

    gray-cheeked thrush crop.jpg

    swainson's thrush crop.jpg

  2. Waverly Hall GA (Columbus GA)

    Oct 17, 2020


    Can I go with a Sharpie on this? Sitting out back watching the bird feeder. All of a sudden about 20 Mourning Doves launch - I thought "something spooked them." About 30 seconds later this guy flew in. Makes for an interesting afternoon. Same bird both pictures.


    Appreciated -


    Waverly Hall GA

    sharp-shinned hawk j crop.JPG

    sharp-shinned hawk j fence crop.JPG

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