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  1. Isn't the OP asking about the hardware that captures the audio?
  2. Until a year or two ago, we bought and used WBU bird seed, storing it and using it without any problem. More recently, it seems to contain something that hatches moths or moth-like insects. The issue has become troublesome enough that we have quit feeding it. Has anyone else noticed what seems to be a change in WBU bird seed or its' processing?
  3. Can't argue with you guys! The bird appeared to me much larger (height-wise) and thinner with longer tail than a Northern Mockingbird, which we have every day, But, looking back at the picture, I do not see anything that rules out Mockingbird. Darn, thought I had somebody new!.
  4. A terrible pic my wife got with her cell phone of a mystery bird sitting on top of our feeding station. We back-up to a long leaf pine woods about a mile from the ocean. My immediate reaction (Scissor-tailed Flycatcher) seems improbable in this location. Can anybody ID this guy from this pic?
  5. Thank you! I was still trying to edit the post to delete one of the duplicate photos and add another, but you obviously didn't need it. And, I have learned something!
  6. Is there enough detail on these two bad pics to tell whether the bird is a Sharp-shinned Hawk or Cooper's Hawk? If so, please tell me how you can tell.
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