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  1. Fairly positive that's a Northern Waterthrush. The tail tapers to a pointier tip than a Louisiana's tail, which is more squared off. Also the very subtle differences in the gray wash.
  2. Winter

    Alphabet Birds

    Zebra finch
  3. I'm not sure of what the answer is but the downward slope of their bills looks almost identical to that of the domestic swan's bill and much less like the bill of a typical Canada goose. This could very well be a hybrid (in my completely unprofessional opinion). Wonder what some others might think ...
  4. This was last week in Maryland. Only slight rosiness visible on top of head - lacked usual bright red on head and nape. Sorry about low quality photo.
  5. Gorgeous shots, by the way!
  6. Winter

    BIRDING Category Topics

    I agree! I travel to Europe (northeastern Europe) often because of family, and I am always wishing I had more than just my birds of Europe bird guide! I think it should definitely be part of the forum. Thanks.
  7. Winter

    Where have we been?

    Thank you so much for not giving up and getting the forum back up and running! I was so sad to see it down, began to worry that WhatBird would do what so many once great forums have done by shuttering and switching to Facebook - which would've been horrific. Thanks again and I am so sorry you had to slog through so much strife.