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  1. Oops, not sure how I read that as NC. My bad. No wonder it seemed so unusual.
  2. That’s unusual for a Dark-eyed Junco to be in NC this time of year. Also, it looks like one of the western varieties not normally found in the east even during migration. Very interesting.
  3. Posting this on behalf of family member in southern Colorado (Saguache County). Sorry for the terrible photo quality. Thanks!
  4. Ravens right? Seen in early May 2019 on bridge leading into DC from VA. Havent managed to transfer photos to computer as it’s broken right now so apologies for the really bad back of cam photo
  5. Seconded Prairie Warbler. (Not that you need me to confirm HamRHead 😝)!
  6. Great picture by the way! Perfect capture of its big personality on display here ☺️
  7. This is totally OT but wondering if anyone knows how House Finches have ended up living in Hawaii? They aren’t endemic there are they? Or did they end up in Hawaii the same way as how they were introduced to the east coast (illegal bird trade) - humans? Just curious as they aren’t migratory and I find it interesting. If they are native to Hawaii, than I apologize for my ignorance! 😇
  8. Thank you! Yeah, I kinda answered my own question when comparing two pictures in my guide. But your description is actually WAY better and much more helpful, so thank you so much!
  9. Flycatchers are so tough. I’d say either Least, Willow or, like you say, Alder flycatcher. But they’re nearly identical so hard to tell. Did you hear it make any calls/song? Sometimes that can help separate the two... Really nice shots by the way!
  10. #2 Definitely a flycatcher - Pacific Slope perhaps? #3. My guess leans towards a Virginia’s Warbler? But I’ve never actually seen one before but the markings look similar according to my book. However, it seems slightly larger than I’d think for a warbler, although size can be hard to gauge on by photos online (for me at least). Wondering what others think.
  11. Nevermind! Now I why YW and prothonotary. I’m silly Is it not a Prothonotary Warbler? HamRHead, I’m nowhere near as experienced as you so I’m likely dumb and wrong to be questioning you on YW.. 😛
  12. Agreed with tdteal. It’s an American Bittern .
  13. Nice shot! In my experience, taking pictures of them is a lot harder than it looks as they’re pretty sly and shy (but, luckily, quite loud) and tend to always be as high up in the tallest trees around - at least the ones near me. :D
  14. Where is the this? Location really helps.
  15. Nice pictures, by the way. Lucky to have both types of Orioles in your backyard!
  16. Definitely a cormorant but unsure of which type. Undoubtedly someone here will know their California pelagics better than I! 😊
  17. I agree with blue-gray gnatcatcher. Every spring I look forward to their ridiculous little babbling sounds up in the trees.
  18. Third for ruby-crowned kinglet! Just adding on simply so I can proclaim my love for these little guys - they’re just coolest (and cutest) birds ever. 💗 And nice shot too! They can be hard to capture.
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