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  1. Where was this (location) and when? Either way, I have to agree with The Bird Nuts - looks like a Red-winged Black Bird to my eyes.
  2. Does it tilt its head/bill up like a Robin/thrushes? Are the legs long and/or what color?
  3. Definitely! It was fun trying to find where it was in the picture. They’re hard to capture pics of (I know this because we have a few of them in our back yard who hang out on a very similar looking massive old oak tree as the one in your photo 😄). I lovehow they’re always are so focused and busy as they spiral round round...
  4. Thanks guys! There were a lot of them today and yesterday.
  5. Today, March 18, Sussex County, Delaware along Atlantic coast. Are these Northern Gannets?
  6. I’m not much help but just wanted comment on both of your beautiful shots. Both are absolutely stunning!
  7. Yep! Love seeing these beautiful swallows arrive - a sure reminder that spring is (nearly) upon us!
  8. What IvoryBillHope said - boat-tailed with sunlight bouncing off the tail feathers. :))
  9. Taken late last month in DC where there were also Greater and Lesser Scaup swimming close by.
  10. Where was this taken ? Fairly certain these are American Goldfinch in transitional plumage...
  11. Thanks you both Akiley and millipede, filing it as Hermit Thush - and the first one of the year for me! Very excited as I usually only ever see them out in the woods (if I’m lucky). I think I saw one come onto the deck last winter when it was snowing but I wasn’t 100% sure it was. HT so I left it off my count. Love this little guy- shy but with a bit of curiosity in its personality (or it being ravenous trumped any fear it had). Thanks again!
  12. Thanks Millipede! I agree that it makes most sense that this is a Hermit Thrush at this time of the year. The one thing that is perplexing to me, though, is that when I was looking at it from the back, I didn’t see any of the contrasting rufous/russet reddish coloring in the tail at all, neither near the base nor in the feathers - just uniform gray which is unlike the Hermit Thrushes I see every spring. It was a very sunny, bright afternoon yesterday too, albeit cold, so I feel I definitely should have I seen it in such lighting. Or maybe my eyes are worse than I thought LOL! Unfortuna
  13. Saw this little thrush hop up onto the deck for some mealworms yesterday in Montgomery County Maryland. I didn't notice any of the usual reddish/rufous coloring around the tail that once typically sees in the Hermiit Thrush and seemed a little smaller as well. This photo is taken with my iPhone, (which is cracked) so I'm sorry the quality isn't any better. What do you guys think?
  14. Thanks guys! Apologies for my delayed response and the dumb back-of-camera photos. I may try to upload some more photos on my camera if that’d help.
  15. Earlier today at Hains Point/East Potomac Park in DC (SW) swimming in the Washington Channel. Scaups? Greater or Lesser? Or if neither, what?
  16. Just jumping in to how nice these shots are. Great detail and lighting - love how macro this is given it is a hawk! Pardon for butting in, but what did you shoot with?
  17. Thanks, The Bird Nuts! Downy it is then! (Hopefully, my sister will manage a few clearer shots of it in the coming days just to be 100% sure).
  18. Haha! Yeah me neither! Quite the gregarious one too! It was getting the seeds from the yucca plant that had just finished flowering, apparently. To my eyes it just seems off for a Downy but then again I’m only familiar with eastern US Downy’s. My sister thought it seemed too big for a downy (but not as big as Hairy) and the stripes looked different, like more extensive and “messy” ... Any chance it could be a Ladder-backed woodpecker?
  19. Help my sister and I ID this woody hammering away at the yucca stalk for seeds in her yard. This is the second woodpecker she’s seen in 2 Days (see notes below) Location: Valdez, NM (near Taos) in northern New Mexico. When: February 11, 2019 FYI: On 2-09-2019 she saw a woodpecker at same place but described it looking like a cross between a miniature Pileated and a larger Downy woodpecker (but smaller than a Hairy) as it had obvious red in its cap and lots of black laddering. We’re trying to figure out if this is the female version of the mystery woodpecker or if it’s an enti
  20. Nice capture! Out of curiosity, which state/area was this in?
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