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  1. Not sure the exact location...somewhere in the central valley of CA in MAR 2017.
  2. Photographed somewhere in Northern California in MAR 2017
  3. Photographs from Contra Loma Regional Park taken in MAR 2017.
  4. I photographed this guy at Pacheco State Park in Los Banos, CA in APR 2017.
  5. I photographed this guy in Jupiter, FL in August 2017
  6. I got these photographs at Point Reyes Natl Seashore in October 2017. Sorry for the photo quality...he was pretty active!
  7. I photographed this hawk at Brushy Peak Regional Preserve in LIvermore, CA in MAR 2017. The yellow color shows up in other photos in this series.
  8. I apologize for the poor photograph. This guy was moving around a lot in the treetops, and I got about a split second to get this shot.
  9. I found this one at Cabo Rojo in October 2015. I got lucky and got multiple exposures. This guy really cooperated and kept moving into better light and striking better poses.
  10. I photographed this flycatcher at Harns Marsh in Lee County, FL in NOV 2015
  11. Thanks for your help. I have seen a black-bellied plover male in breeding plumage several years ago. What had me wondering about the ID on this was the amount of streaking on the chest. The reference I had looked at indicated that the black-bellied plover should have a plain white chest/belly compared to a couple other spp. Now that the beak characteristic has been pointed out, I am OK with black bellied plover. Thanks again!
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