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  1. So...do you think this is a juvenile Eastern Bluebird? There were a lot of adults.
  2. I photographed this little guy this morning at Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. Sorry for the low resolution!
  3. I took these photos at a wildlife area south of Atlants, GA in early FEB 2023. What vireo is this?
  4. I got some quick snaps of this guy from about 100 yd away, and none of them are clear. The photos were taken at Memorial Lake State Park at Fort Indiantown Gap in PA on 13 MAY 2023.
  5. Thanks! I saw that species in other locations, but not presenting the big white breast as in this photo.
  6. Maybe I am just being lazy, but here are some ducks that were a couple hundred yards out...could not get a crisp image. Any ideas what these might be?
  7. Thanks! That was my first guess, but when I looked at some photos on-line, there was not a good match. Is this an immature or non-breeding plumage?
  8. I took this photo this morning (18 MAR 2023) at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in NJ. I have looked up all the ducks I can think of with a head that color, but can't find a good match. This guy was feeding right next to some blue-winged teals, and was easily 1.5 times as big as they were. They were both feeding in the mud at low tide, so there may be some feathres obscured by mud.
  9. I just looked up the range maps at All About Birds, and those suggest these are probably Long-Billed Dowitchers.
  10. These photos were taken this morning at Harns Marsh in Lee County, FL. The habitat was a wide shallow drainage canal at the south end of the marsh with a lot of exposed mud. In keeping with this habitat, there were a LOT of Wilson's Snipes feeding in this same area. This canal usually has a lot more water in it, so seeing these small waders is a treat.
  11. It's frustrating when I only have one individual to look at and cannot compare size with a second, closely related species. Is this a greater or a lesser? Without citing size, how else can I tell them apart?
  12. I photographed this wood stork at Harns Marsh in Lee County, FL this morning. When I got home and took a closer look at my photos, I noticed this bird has been banded. So...my question (s): Who would be banding wood storks? Should I reach out to them?
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