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  1. Photo was taken 27 DEC 2020, probably on Sanibel Island, FL
  2. I have gotten so acustomed to seeing the resident Laughing and Ring-Billed Gulls over the summer that Herring Gull didn't even come to mind when I started looking this one up.
  3. Photo from the Sunshine Skyway south fishing pier at Tampa Bay on 09 DEC 2021.
  4. OK, so I looked back through my day book, and this photo came from the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area on 30 AUG 2021. I found the original series of photos and have cropped this one and one other. Hope this helps.
  5. OK...so the bird in the photo--is that a yellow or a western? Actually, I just looked in Sibley Birds East, and it looks like the yellow supercilium gets this one into the yellow subspecies. Sibley lists yellow and brown types. Is the brown the same as your western?
  6. Thanks! I am beginning to really appreciate the seasonal variations in some bird species...this being one... They are super common here in FL, but they look different every time I see one!
  7. Photo from Babcock/Webb WMA in Charlotte County, FL 05 OCT 2020
  8. Photos from Corson's Inlet State Park in NJ October 2020. There are some sanderlings in two of these photos.
  9. Photos from a couple different sites in New Jersey over the past year or so.
  10. I photographed this bird at Belleplain State Forest in south NJ on 07 JUN 2021.
  11. I photographed these ducks at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Reserve in Oregon on 04 MAY 2021. I suspect green-winged teal, but also suspect I am likely wrong.
  12. I photographed these gulls at Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Oregon on 05 MAY 2021.
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