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  1. You know...at the time I was actually enjoying the interaction between the little girl and the swan.
  2. I have gotten a bit gun-shy after years of working with thrips. I have used dichotomous keys since high school. Yet after running unfamiliar species through a key and feeling pretty confident about the results, I have been surprised a few times when I submitted a voucher specimen to another expert. So I like to get confirmation on the identity of a bird that I have identified from a photograph taken a few years ago in a location that I am unfamiliar with and where I do not have easy access for repeated observations.
  3. Thanks for all your help! This was the only usable image I got of this individual, and I am pleased it captured the needed detail.
  4. Not the best photo, but I think it captures the barring on the back and the extent of the red on the head. Photograph was taken at the Contra Loma Regional Park in Antioch, CA in March 2017.
  5. Thanks for the discussion. I have worked as an entomologist for the past 40+ years, and having to translate insect biology to professors on one hand and farmers on the other, I can definitely appreciate that words make a difference. From the insect world, immature is pretty accepted for all non-adult stages, but the terms larva, pupa, sub-imago, etc., definitely transfer more information than the more general term. I have been using the heck out of the AAB site, but recognize that it has limitations. I also haven't bought a field guide since I got a copy of RT Peterson's book many years ago (now falling apart). I am open to suggestion regarding a good field guide, if for no other reason than I feel a bit guilty coming to you guys every time I have a question. ...that and I still enjoy learning. I also have a question about posting photos to topics on this site (especially related to European birds) where the posting needs to have a URL. WTF?? How do I do that???
  6. I worked in the area between Fresno and Brentwood between spring 2015 and fall 2017. Sadly, the client discontinued the service, so I have not had a good excuse to get back out to CA since then. I will be taking an Alaska cruise this May, and will be looking for all those good West Coast birds while at sea and on shore excursions. In the meantime, my camera and binocs are my traveling buddies here at home in FL and on the road wherever.
  7. Photographed at Brushy Peak Regional Preserve, Livermore, CA March 2016. Showed typical harrier behavior, cruising near ground going after ground squirrels.
  8. January 2017. I suspect the location was SW Florida, but not sure.
  9. There was a small flock of these guys foraging at the Yucca Pens Preserve in Lee County, FL today (15 FEB 2020). I am pretty sure they are YRW, but would like to hear it from someone else.
  10. I took these photographs at the Caloosahatchee Creeks Preserve West in Lee County, FL on 15 FEB 2020. Sorry about the image quality, this guy wouldn't let me get closer than about 100 feet.
  11. I photographed this bird at the Yucca Pens Preserve in Lee County, FL on 15 FEB 2020.
  12. I think this is a female Wilson's Warbler. I took these photographs at the Yucca Pens Preserve in Lee County, FL on 15 FEB 2020.
  13. I photographed this bird at the Yucca Pens Preserve in Lee County, FL on 15 FEB 2020. It looks like a vireo, but I cannot be sure.
  14. I have worked in SW FL agriculture for the past 40 years. I have seen tons of adult red-shouldered hawks. This is the first time I have encountered one of the juveniles. He apparently hangs out at Harns Marsh, since this is the second time that I have photographed an immature (presumably the same bird).
  15. Photos taken in December 2019 at Harns Marsh, Lee County, FL.
  16. I took a long shot at this one in the grass. Kinda surprised these came as clear as they did. Photos from Santa Isabel, PR on 30 JAN 2020.
  17. I suspect two individuals photographed within a quarter mile of each other in Santa Isabel, PR on 30 JAN 2020.
  18. Kinda far away for a really good look at this one. Photo taken in Santa Isabel, PR 30 JAN 2020.
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