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  1. Trapper Creek is in Alaska. We were on a cruise and stayed at the Princess McKinley Resort. Trapper Creek is the official address for that location (62.55788, -150.22976)
  2. This is another one from the top deck of a ship...at least we weren't going 20 knots. Photo taken at Vancouver, BC on 28 MAY 2022.
  3. The other tree sparrow I saw that day had really distinctive plumage. I took both photos within a mile of each other, so it wouldn't surprise me I just checked out All About Birds and their adult photos look like mine. The photo of a juvenile that is posted at that site just looks different. I have not seen any photos or other images of females, so My only guess would be immature.
  4. Photo taken at Denali NP on 08 JUN 2022. This guy would not come out of this tree. I can see enough yellow white and black to know there is a bird there, but I have no idea what it might be. Any ideas? Sorry for the sketchy photos...just thought I would wing this one out there.
  5. Photo taken at Denali NP on 09 JUN 2022. I noted the rufous eyeline, but would like confirmation.
  6. Photos taken at sea between Skagway and Whittier, AK on 02 JUN 2022
  7. Photos taken at sea between Juneau and Skagway AK on 02 JUN 2022. These were a bit farther off than the probable surf scoters I posted a minute ago. Without any males, I am a little unsure...
  8. Photos taken at sea between Juneau and Skagway. AK 02 JUN 2022. I was surprised at how clear these photos came out. I was on the 11th deck of a cruise ship moving at 20 kt.
  9. Photos taken at Fairbanks, AK 09 JUN 2022
  10. Photos taken at sea between Skagway and Whittier, AK 02 JUN 2022
  11. Photos taken at Trapper Creek, AK on 05 JUN 2022
  12. Photos taken at Trapper Creek on 05 JUN 2022
  13. WOW guess I was off by a bit. I have seen a lot of Carolina wrens, but never this young. Thanks for the reminder that I really do need help with this hobby of mine.
  14. A friend found this bird on his property north of Tampa, FL. The wide mouth makes me think of Caprimulgids, but, never having seen one this close I would like a second opinion. Where I live further south in FL, the Chuck-will's-widow and nighthawks are the most common in this family for me. Every now and again in early spring I might hear a whippoorwill. Therefore my gues on this one.
  15. Photo was taken 27 DEC 2020, probably on Sanibel Island, FL
  16. I have gotten so acustomed to seeing the resident Laughing and Ring-Billed Gulls over the summer that Herring Gull didn't even come to mind when I started looking this one up.
  17. Photo from the Sunshine Skyway south fishing pier at Tampa Bay on 09 DEC 2021.
  18. OK, so I looked back through my day book, and this photo came from the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area on 30 AUG 2021. I found the original series of photos and have cropped this one and one other. Hope this helps.
  19. OK...so the bird in the photo--is that a yellow or a western? Actually, I just looked in Sibley Birds East, and it looks like the yellow supercilium gets this one into the yellow subspecies. Sibley lists yellow and brown types. Is the brown the same as your western?
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