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  1. Thank you lonestranger! It worked! But the closest rescue is 2 and a half hours away! I'll call in the morning to see if they have any options. I appreciate the help! I am always so nervous to post anything because the judgy mcjudgertons who offer no help, only try to shame people. I am only trying to do right... I probably wont check this again, because I can see it has already started, but I wanted to thank those of you who have been helpful! The world needs more like you!
  2. Thank you... its actually the link within the page that doesn't work. I was able to get that far, just not far enough to locate a rescue near me. Thank you though, I appreciate the help!
  3. Thank you... the link at the top of the page didn't work, so I figured I would give a post a shot. We do have dried insects, for the chickens, so I will put that in there for him until we can figure out what to do with him. He's hopping around in the brooder now, hopefully that's a good sign.
  4. Looking for a bit of help... This evening we heard awful bird cries from the garden, we ran out in the rain to find a bird being dragged under the porch. I sprayed the cat with the hose so he would let it be, but it appears he took the tail feathers. I couldn't leave it outside, that would be torture, so we have a chick brooding cabinet inside with a warming light. It's been quiet since bringing it in, and appears alert, just scared, despite hopping around ferociously outside trying to fly, without any luck, while screeching loudly. We just moved to Pennsylvania and aren't familiar with the bi
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