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  1. Could this be a light morph Red-Tailed Hawk. I saw it in Palm Springs CA. So white?
  2. That’s all I have. Thanks. I think you are right
  3. I shot this picture today in the mountains around Portal Arizona. I think it may be a Tropical Kingbird?
  4. I saw this bird in my yard yesterday in Altadena, CA. It was scratching in the dirt under the feeders. I have never seen this bird in my yard. I think it might be a Fox Sparrow?
  5. I photographed this bird in Arcadia County Park, CA. On September 22. I think it may be a Western Wood Pewee?
  6. Saw this bird in backyard feeder in Carlsbad CA. A grosbeak?
  7. I saw this bird at Ken Malloy Regional park in Los Angeles County yesterday.
  8. I saw this bird at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley, CA. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks for the info. I thought this was a Golden Eagle, but my raptor ID skills are not great.
  10. I saw this bird flying in the same vicinity as a group of Turkey Vultures. This bird seemed noticeably larger. The location is Lake Arrowhead California. Sorry about photo quality. It was quite far away.
  11. Saw these two sandpipers at San Gabriel River. Coastal Basin in Los Angeles County. Looked different than the other Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs?
  12. I saw this hawk this morning in Sierra Madre ,CA. I am assuming it is some kind of a Red-Tailed? Dark morph?
  13. Saw two similar birds in the Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles County. I was not able to capture the obvious purple gorgets. I am used to seeing the much more magenta gorges on the Anna’s.
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