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  1. Thanks for the responses! I had never seen nor heard of this bird, and saw it in the same place I usually see the red-tailed, so was surprised. Audubon's map shows it as uncommon in Ohio, so maybe they need to update their map? It's great to see bird populations replenishing. I see red-tails so often, but now I will be double checking to make sure it isn't really a red-shouldered I'm looking at. https://www.audubon.org/field-guide/bird/red-shouldered-hawk#
  2. I took this pic thinking it was the same Red-tailed Hawk I had photographed earlier, but when I brought it up on my computer, I realized it had NO red tail! I looked it up and think it's a Red-shouldered Hawk, but they are said to be uncommon in central Ohio, and I had never seen one before. Could someone please confirm? And also let me know about their presence in Ohio if you know, and if they normally live peacefully near Red-tailed Hawks. Thanks.
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