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  1. Welcome back! I don't remember you but I just joined a year or two ago. 😃
  2. Yeah, I'm homeschooled too. The discord wasn't my cup of tea, so I'm still here.
  3. Wow, that sounds like an amazing time, @Melierax! I have yet to see banding but I really want to!
  4. It was really cool! My mom and I got to talk to him for like 5 minutes alone and tell him about our bird club, etc.
  5. He was surprisingly shy/soft spoken. He gave the Keynote presentation at the bird fest. I went to with my mom and dad.
  6. He signed my name tag because I had no book. The picture of the boy was him holding a Sea-Salt Sparrow I believe, at age 7.
  7. @Charlie Spencer, @Trevor L., and @Kevin................you are CORRECT!!!!!!!!!! 🎊
  8. I would love to say that I met Roger Tory Peterson but.......he died 23 years ago.
  9. What do I know? LOL Young birds are confusing anyways!
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