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  1. Eurasian Tree Sparrow Photo credit = Wikipedia
  2. WOW! Congrats, Mel! I didn't know you were in to robotics. Learn something new every day!
  3. Indigo Bunting (Photo by my Mom)
  4. We've had a TUVU, RWBL so far. I have 56 species so far this year. Side note, Fyn had some salamander pics in the newsletter too.
  5. I doubt it. I think it was creativecommons.org?
  6. I wanted to tell you that I saw your one of Saw whet photos in our local Nature Preserve's newsletter.
  7. Yeah, its sad how many we lost after the crash. 😥 I think they've gone to the discord? I don't know, I'm not on there and I probably won't.
  8. This Ethan: http://ethangosnell.blogspot.ca/
  9. Congrats on the lifers, @HamRHead and @Bart South FL!!!
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