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  1. Wow, very nice! Who were you rooting for in the WS? My whole family was hoping for the Astro's to win.......🙄
  2. Happy All Hallow's Eve everybody! Is anybody doing anything? I'll try to remember to post a picture of my pumpkin. I am not doing anything, trick or treating, etc. Might see if I can get Mom to buy me some candy. 😜
  3. Come to some of the back roads in MI where I live in winter......no shortage of Horned Larks here!
  4. Welcome back! I don't remember you but I just joined a year or two ago. 😃
  5. Yeah, I'm homeschooled too. The discord wasn't my cup of tea, so I'm still here.
  6. Wow, that sounds like an amazing time, @Melierax! I have yet to see banding but I really want to!
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