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  1. Happy New Year! My first bird of the year was an American Goldfinch. I got 32 species, which put me tied for second in our county.
  2. *applies CPR to the forum* Happy New Year everyone!! What was your first bird of 2021? Mine was an AMGO.
  3. That's not an owl, its a gull! ? ?
  4. Can I ask where you live now? Because there is a Grand River in Michigan.
  5. I gained 4 pounds...I may have over-eaten...?
  6. ??? Oh my gosh! It's been a while since I've been on here....
  7. Congratulations on all the lifers everyone!
  8. I try to check this every few day too.
  9. LOL, congrats!! She's is the cutest golden frizz-crested bird of paradise I've ever seen!
  10. For some reason I never saw this until now so maybe? ?
  11. When the water is colder than you realized............
  12. Yup, I can confirm that that is a Cerulean Warbler. ?
  13. How on earth is that even possible?????? I mean I saw at least 20 today in less than two hours of birding at lakes/ponds.
  14. Yes, that was a great story too! Really, all the books are amazing! I have yet to read any other of the series than the "original series" if you will. I'll have to read that series next. ?
  15. They are the BEST!! What's ur fav in the series? Mine is Halt's Peril, but I am currently reading Emperor of Nihon-Ja so I'm not done with the series. I read Halt's Peril in about 36 hours including about 16 hrs of sleeping, that's how good it was! Now I want a Ranger Cloak! LOL
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