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  1. Thanks! It really didn't seem to have the profile or move like a pigeon. I did an image search for leucistic American Robin and some of the results looked pretty close to what I saw.
  2. Hi, Just joined to identify this bird. Been looking through books and internet and have no idea. Seemed to have similar coloring to a Ruddy Turnstone. But the wing pattern and shape seemed different than the pictures I found. I was on a walk around noon on Sunday April 28, 2019 in Squantum Point Park which is on the waterfront in Quincy, MA. Sorry the picture is very poor. Just had my iphone, and as soon as I stepped closer it flew off into the trees. I think the bird is about the size of a robin, seemed smaller than a blue jay. I took the pic because I'd never seen a bird with this coloring. Any clue what this beautiful bird is?
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