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  1. Thank you Tony! Had to go research “patagial”, found a neat article that goes right along with your comment! Really appreciate it, now whenever I’m seeing the hawk from underneath I should always be able to tell the red-tailed😀
  2. Oh that’s an interesting suggestion, I didn’t see anything but maybe it was hidden?
  3. FullSizeRender.mov In August we went hiking in lone mountain park in TN and encountered a huge bird who flew down off a sign and then sat in the middle of the path. We opted to turn around and go back as opposed to antagonizing it since it didn’t seem inclined to leave. But we were wondering if it was okay since it seemed unnatural for it to stay around despite us being in such close proximity. A friend suggested maybe it was a juvenile? I hope so because we left with a worried feeling that we’ve been bothered by ever since, trying to think if there was anything we should’ve done for it. Is
  4. Thank you: pretty excited to have correctly identified the house finches. If it had been just the female I never would have. I’m Going to have go look up that female summer Tanager😀 now. I don’t really know anything about her . Wonder if there’s a mate around too.
  5. I think I got it! So the two pictures on the fence, same golden bird. Looks more yellow when it’s on top of the fence, more sunlight . And does the video work? That is of the conversational pair of birds that I think are the house finch perhaps?
  6. This week I had a pair of (perhaps house finch?) And then a single golden colored bird ( warbler or tanager maybe?) . I’d like to ask you about them but don’t see how to input the photo/video Into my request . I got video of the pair, she is talking up a storm to the red male. The golden bird I have photo and some very shaky video. It says put in URL instead of just paste...don’t know how.
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