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  1. Is this a House Sparrow with 2 young? They were around a feeder and she would feed them seeds. This was taken in southeast Wisconsin on 6/10 at about 5pm. Thanks in advance Karen
  2. Going through some old pictures and found this one of a small yellow bird. It was taken last July in Southeast Wisconsin in a field. Is it warbler of some type? Karen
  3. I was listening to this bird last night. He/she was siting at the top of a tree and was backlite so I could not get a picture of him. He was about the size of a Robin, Multi-purpose bill about the size of its head, brownish, with white chest with brown streaks. At least as best as I could tell. He was singing various songs, I was able to record this one between the dog making noise. Can someone determine the bird that produced it? Thanks in Advance Karen Bird tonight song.m4a
  4. A friend of mine took this picture of a Goldfinch and asked for help on what maybe wrong with his bill. His upper bill has a bump on it and seems a bit longer than normal and the bottom seems to have a growth. Does anyone know what causes this, injury or infection, and is it contagious for other birds? Thanks in advance, Karen
  5. In the past I had identified all my little red birds as House Finches, but yesterday someone identified one of my pictures as a purple finch variant. So I've gone back to look and see if I need to change any of my pictures to Purple Finches. Not sure I know them very well but I do have a question on one. The first picture I believe is a Purple Finch and the 2nd a House Finch. The 3rd I think is a House Finch, bill and markings under the wing, but with red down his back, a little orange in his head and red rump I'm not sure. All pictures were taken yesterday in Southwest Wisconsin. Thanks in advance, Karen
  6. I took this picture today in Southwest Wisconsin. The orange is throwing me on what type of bird this is. I assume an immature bird but not sure which one. Thanks in advance Karen
  7. Thanks, I read so many different things on this but none said for how long. I'll take them down tomorrow and clean them all out.
  8. I was taking pictures of birds this morning in southwest Wisconsin and came across this goldfinch. Does it have conjunctivitis? It was only in this bird that I could see that had it and only its left eye. These were birds at a feeder, is there anything I should be doing to stop it from spreading? Karen
  9. This hawk is hanging around a field by our house in Wisconsin. Is it an immature one? Thanks in Advance, Karen
  10. My title was not very clear. I was questioning if this was a sparrow or the female of another type of bird that does not look like its male. example the female Red-winged blackbird or female Rose-breasted Grosbeak. I know there are others too.
  11. I took this photo early June last year in Wisconsin. Is it a Warbler? Thanks in Advance Karen
  12. I took this picture of a little grey bird in Wisconsin at the end of May last year. I though it might be a dark-eyed Junco but the beak is wrong. Thanks in advance Karen
  13. Picture was taken in Wisconsin last the beginning of June last year. Bird was taken in a field. Thanks in Advance Karen
  14. This is a picture of a blackish bird I took in Wisconsin last May. I'm guessing that it is an immature bird but not sure which one. thanks in advance, Karen
  15. I took a picture of this bird at the end of April in 2020 in Wisconsin. Also around that day were White-throated Sparrow and Red-Winged Blackbirds. I'm not sure if it is one of those femailes or possibly a young female or a whole different bird. They are not the best shots but hopefully are enough. Thanks in Advance Karen
  16. I think this is a White Throated Sparrow, but want to confirm. I took the picture last April in Wisconsin. Thanks in advance Karen
  17. I was going through some photos from last April in Wisconsin and I'm not sure of this bird. Thanks in advance Karen
  18. Thanks, knew you guys would have the answer!
  19. I saw this bird in Southwest Wisconsin on 5/27/2020 in the morning. He was hanging around my bird feeders which happen to be at the edge of the woods. I tried to look it up but was not successful so I'm wondering if it is a female or a 1st-year. Thanks, Karen
  20. Is this a young goldfinch or another bird? The black and white where yellow should be, made me think it was a young one getting his colors. Picture taken yesterday in Southwest Wisconsin.
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