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  1. I was listening to this bird last night.  He/she was siting at the top of a tree and was backlite so I could not get a picture of him.  He was about the size of a Robin, Multi-purpose bill about the size of its head, brownish, with white chest with brown streaks.  At least as best as I could tell.  He was singing various songs, I was able to record this one between the dog making noise. 

    Can someone determine the bird that produced it?

    Thanks in Advance


    Bird tonight song.m4a

  2. In the past I had identified all my little red birds as House Finches, but yesterday someone identified one of my pictures as a purple finch variant.  So I've gone back to look and see if I need to change any of my pictures to Purple Finches.  Not sure I know them very well but I do have a question on one.

    The first picture I believe is a Purple Finch and the 2nd a House Finch.  The 3rd I think is a House Finch, bill and markings under the wing, but with red down his back, a little orange in his head and red rump I'm not sure.  All pictures were taken yesterday in Southwest Wisconsin.

    Thanks in advance,


    Purple Finch-1.jpg

    House Finch-1.jpg

    Not Sure-1.jpg

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