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  1. picture taken today, By St Louis, Ms, on the gulf IMG_5082 by haroldwebe, on Flickr
  2. Yesterday's visitor to my yard, Bay St Louis, MS IMG_0463 by haroldwebe, on Flickr IMG_0462 by haroldwebe, on Flickr
  3. picture taken today flying over my home, Bay St Louis, MS IMG_0070a by H W, on Flickr
  4. Pictures taken yesterday, Bay St Louis, MS ?? IMG_0042 by H W, on Flickr Bob White? IMG_0054 by H W, on Flickr Cave Swallow? IMG_0059 by H W, on Flickr IMG_0057 by H W, on Flickr
  5. picture taken today, Bay St Louis, MS IMG_4843 by H W, on Flickr
  6. we do. I have them at this location last year
  7. picture taken last week, Bay St Louis, MS IMG_9852a by H W, on Flickr
  8. picture taken in Costa Rica (pacific side)during November IMG_9026 by H W, on Flickr
  9. picture taken a few days ago, S/W MS gulf coast. eastern bluebird and ? IMG_9704 by H W, on Flickr
  10. I asked if it was a 'myrtle' because ebird has both, "yellow-rumped (myrtle)" and "yellow-rumped". I reported it as myrtle. Thanks.
  11. Pictures taken last week, MS gulf coast, (myrtle maybe) IMG_4349 by H W, on Flickr IMG_4369 by H W, on Flickr
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