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  1. thanks BigOly. This might be the first confirmation of Cave Swallows nesting in the state of Mississippi. Can I get any other confirmations?
  2. previously we have confirmed at this bridge location several cave swallows on utility lines over bridge. the attached pictures were taken under the bridge on 5/13. This is a cup shaped nest with one visable youngster. Is it possible to ID as a cave swallow?
  3. pictures taken today, Bay St Louis, MS (gulf coast) 1. 2. 3. maybe cave swallow
  4. picture taken today, Bay St Louis, MS (gulf coast)
  5. picture taken yesterday, Gulfport, MS
  6. ok, the yellow was confusing me. thanks
  7. picture taken today in my yard, Bay St Louis, MS
  8. Pictures taken today (4-9-22) at Edwards Bayou, Bay St Louis, MS (gulf coast marsh) 1. maybe swamp sparrow? 2. ?sparrow? 3. 4. ?heron?
  9. Please confirm a lifer. Bay St Louis, MS picture taken today
  10. all pictures taken at same location on April 1. The bridge is over a natural bayou that crosses a marsh area. Bay St Louis, MS (gulf coast) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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