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  1. my reason for thinking black chinned was because it looked like the wings extend beyond the tail. thanks for the ID
  2. could this be a black chinned, picture taken today with 20 or so ruby's feeding at my feeders. Bay St Louis, MS
  3. thanks Charlie and Sean. The picture was right on.
  4. picture taken yesterday, my first thought was a mockingbird, but I have never seen one eat sun flower seeds. Bay St Louis, MS (gulf coast)
  5. looked to be larger than ruby, picture taken yesterday Bay St Louis, MS (gulf coast)
  6. picture taken today, Bay St Louis, MS
  7. picture taken yesterday, Bay St Louis, MS (gulf coast)
  8. yes, lite rain when taking the picture.
  9. picture taken today in my yard, Bay St Louis, MS
  10. pictures taken today, S/W Mississippi, on Pearl River
  11. picture taken today, Mississippi Gulf Coast
  12. pictures taken today, Bay St Louis, MS on the Jourdan River
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